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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Leaving Egypt (or is that Babylon?) for the Promised Land: Anthony Esolen to Thomas More College

Some might argue that we should always use soft language to engage others who think differently from us. They would be right of course if by 'soft' they mean charitable language, forthright language that neither boasts nor avoids the necessity to speak confidently, with conviction.


Anthony Esolen, who ran afoul of Providence College for telling-it-like-it-is-or-how-it-should-be-for-a-Catholic-college, the Dominican institution that more and more resembles the flakey world around it, has found suitable refuge at St. Thomas More College of Liberal Arts.
Anthony Esolen Accepts Post at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts
The ex-Providence College scholar’s new academic home at the New Hampshire Catholic college will also direct his energies in a cooperative venture aimed at the renewal of Catholic culture.
by Peter Jesserer Smith
MERRIMACK, N.H. — Anthony Esolen, the prolific Catholic scholar and author known for his distinctly Catholic worldview and translation of Dante’s The Divine Comedy, has accepted a teaching position at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, severing his ties with Providence College, where he held a tenured professorship and waged a long battle for its Catholic identity.
The move marks the end of an increasingly tempestuous showdown between Esolen and Providence over the Dominican-run institution’s direction and the beginning of a new chapter for the Catholic scholar. Esolen will begin teaching courses at the New Hampshire Catholic liberal arts college starting with the fall semester. He will also begin work on Thomas More’s new Center for the Restoration of Catholic Culture.
"A prophet is not without honour... except in a progressive (c)atholic college." Congratulations to Dr. Esolen on his recent appointment to TMC.

Providence's loss is, as the saying rightly goes, TMC's gain. The gracious Esolen has acknowledged he leaves behind a few likeminded colleagues at Providence, which is to say Providence is not all bad. [Cue the video of an out-of-control school bus careening over a cliff].

It is more than sad that a first rate scholar must defend himself against a cadre of badly behaved, lukewarm (c)atholics who, whether they be CINO faculty or petulant students who should know and act better, are the least deserving of positions at a Catholic institution.

Yes-You-It Tradition

Cowed by the zeitgeist, formerly Catholic colleges should have the guts to stop calling themselves Catholic, and stop using descriptions such as "a college in the Catholic Tradition" to dupe unsuspecting parents into shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to support an institution that is about as Catholic as colleges that identify themselves as institutions "in the Jesuit tradition".

Kudos to St. Thomas More College of Liberal Arts for seizing the opportunity to add a fine scholar to their excellent faculty.

From the website: The 100 Best U.S. Colleges and Universities by State
Thomas More College of Liberal Arts (Merrimack, NH)
Thomas More College of Liberal Arts is a private, Roman Catholic, liberal arts school located in Merrimack, New Hampshire (it should not be confused with the Thomas More College in Kentucky). Established in 1978, what this school lacks in longevity is makes up for with its Great Books core curriculum and guaranteed study abroad program.
The college has a current student enrolment of only 96 students, and a student-to-faculty ratio of 10-to-one. This makes for an average class size of 18 students (and a policy that no class can have more than 20).
All students receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal studies with an emphasis in their major concentration. Regardless of major, all students participate in a core curriculum that covers the great works of Western literature, philosophy, and political science. In addition, all students are given practical education in music and art, and spend part of their sophomore year studying abroad in Rome.
Thomas More College of Liberal Arts is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.
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