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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Catholic school teacher behaves very, very badly in front of her students.

Some of the language "bleeped" in the following excerpt, bleeped by the original editors, was still too obvious and crass for this blog's pages. Readers, if they wish to pollute their imaginations with examples of explicit references, are advised to click on the link below and read the original report censored by the press in order to ascertain, to a degree, whether or not the behaviour described is symptomatic of an unbalanced person, i.e., an example of someone experiencing some kind of breakdown or medical condition that inhibits or impairs judgement, or indicative of an adult who merely has no sense of self respect and no respect for children and who therefore should not be teaching kids.

Are there prior examples of inappropriate behaviour by Ms. Brown? The reporter seems to allude to prior bad behaviour with a rather hack attempt at documenting Brown's childhood behaviour (cf the original article).
Ontario teacher guilty of misconduct admits she put legs behind her head, denies sex talk: ‘I’m not ashamed’
by Victor Ferreira
After being found guilty of misconduct for putting her legs behind her head in front of her students, Leanora Brown stands in a coffee shop the next day and lifts up her floral skirt.
“It was a yoga exercise,” Brown says (riiight... yeah, that's it—it's an "exercise". So all those pole dance instructors in Duncan, BC, who feel maligned for operating "dance classes" for children ages 5-12 should feel justified by Ms. Brown's protest to teach kids provocative behaviour, right?), revealing to a reporter that she had aqua yoga tights under her skirt, just like the day she proved how flexible she is to her students. “You stretch until you’re aligned. That’s what I showed them. I’m not ashamed.” (What subject was she supposed to be teaching the students?) 
Brown, a fit 65-year-old, was recorded by a student (Welcome to the age when everyone packs a smartphone!) when she laid down on the floor and swung her legs upward until they were behind her head. The video, along with the statements of more than 10 students and one educational assistant were the primary evidence used against her during an Ontario College of Teachers tribunal hearing on Tuesday. Some said her actions made them feel embarrassed.
“Why would the children be embarrassed,” Brown asks, noting she performed the exercise during lunch hour. “They have sex in the hallway and they smoke.” (Oh, so it's 'ok' to talk about your own sex life and berate kids with too much (crude) information and frolic around on the floor during class instead of teaching whatever assigned subject because the kids are, allegedly, behaving in a manner similar to Ms Brown's behaviour?)
Two students, who cannot be identified due to a publication ban, testified that Brown made them feel uncomfortable by not only demonstrating her flexibility, but frequently speaking about her sex life.
In February 2015, Brown, a Toronto Catholic District School Board teacher, was accused of going on several sexually-laced rants, including telling students in her religion classes about how her “horny” mother “should have “(expletive deleted) a white sailor.” The students also said she told them a story about a man who confronted her in the nude. [Sentence deleted due to graphic references.]
When she wasn’t telling them stories about “sluts,” her students said she gave them advice.
“If a slutty girl (Where are the radical feminist language police when you need them?) or a horny girl wants to have sex with you, you should (expletive deleted) her well and leave her in a wheelchair for two days,” Brown said, according to student statements read during the hearing.
But in an interview, Brown, a devout Catholic (Ok, full stop! Enough already! 1) Brown's behaviour is not that of a devout Catholic. If she is suffering from a mental disease and cannot restrain her behaviour, a medical condition would mitigate culpability, to a degree. If she is otherwise healthy, then the School Board should throw the book at her and deprive her of her teaching certificate. 2) When the press uses prefixes such as 'devout' or 'ardent' or 'staunch' for people who act contrary to prudence, self restraint and charity, the press is guilty of perpetuating a lie, a lie that demeans faithful Catholics who sincerely strive each and every day to be docile to the Holy Spirit and to dispose themselves to the transforming grace of God!), profoundly denied ever having used inappropriate language. Brown says the students were all lying and that she is the victim of the school principal’s personal vendetta against her. (Delusional?)
“I don’t care if it’s 100 students or if it’s 1,000,” Brown says, refusing to even listen to a reporter repeat what she’d been accused of saying. “They’re all bloody liars.” (So, all the kids got together, rehearsed their lines, and concocted a conspiracy. Let's not forget the testimony of the educational assistant (a trained para-professional?), presumably an adult, who witnessed Brown's behaviour.)
“I follow Jesus’ example,” Brown says, calling the school’s principal, the board, and her lawyer sadists. “These are mere mortals.”
Now that she’s been found guilty of misconduct, Brown’s life may take yet another twist. She expects to sue the OCT and the TCDSB for the decision. In a statement, the OCT said Brown can appeal the decision within 30 days.

“If they touch my certificate I’m going to make them pay for it,” Brown says. “My conscience is clear.” (An appeal to conscience is a weak defence if one's behaviour clearly contradicts good sense and sound judgment in practical matters. Why is it that people who behave as if they lack a moral compass always play the conscience card? Meanwhile, Mary Wagner, clearly a women of grace and a morally upright person whose conscience is formed entirely by the Magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church, languishes in a prison for counselling women to let their unborn babies live.)
“I feel like I’m in good company with Jesus.” (Taking the Lord's name in vain?)
Pray for the students. Pray for the principal and other teachers. Pray for Ms. Brown and her daughter.

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