So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter (2 Thess. 2:15). Guard what has been entrusted to you. Avoid the godless chatter and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge, for by professing it some have missed the mark as regards faith (1 Tim. 6:21-22).

Monday, May 1, 2017

A Blurb on Actual Participation in the Mass by Bishop Morlino.

H/T Roman Catholic Man
‘ACTUAL’ PARTICIPATION - an excerpt from Bishop Morlino's Homily Calling For Communion On The Tongue While Kneeling

Vatican II called for actual participation in the liturgy, actuosa. Not so much “active” participation, but actual in Latin. What is “active” participation? So often active participation means to get as many people on their feet or involved as possible, fabricating something that we came up with. “Active” participation means innovation. Active participation more often means, in the U.S., not following the book. The Holy Spirit anointed the Church with the Mass and yet, somehow, after the Council, so many people got the idea that they could do better!

“Actual” participation is what we want. That consists of active passivity, active receptivity to the unveiling of the mystery of Christ that is opened before us here at the altar. Active passivity, actual participation, contemplative participation — getting caught up in the mysteries, never doing something because people find it entertaining. It is not about being entertained, but getting caught up in the mystery, which only happens if what the Church wants done, is done. (Tell that to the 'Spirit of Vatican II' fanatics!)

So let this coming year be a year that all of us enjoy actual participation and not innovation. Innovation comes from us. Actual participation is the gift of the Holy Spirit. The liturgy is about the work of the Holy Spirit. The liturgy is never about what we do. We are merely instruments. We are like a staff in the Lord’s hands. Nothing comes from us. It all comes from God whom we humbly obey.

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