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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Common conversations. An awakening to irrational culture.

Three conversations of late have revealed something of a surprise. Three people of a liberal progressive bent have narrated experiences that have brought them to the realization of the inadequacy of a trend in personnel management regarding conflict resolution. The realization which has dawned upon these three witnesses to the apex of the entitlement culture can be summarized by reference to one of the experiences, for the three share the same predicament.

The surprise involves the unlikely occurrence of a liberal admitting to a predicament wholly invented by liberals. I.e., the confusion of feelings with facts and the use of that confusion to deny merit to others. The consequences, whether personal or interpersonal or political, include damage to freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. Those most affected are those whom liberal progressives feel offended or threatened by.

A personnel manager for a major Canadian media organization known to this blogger has been forced to admit that there is no way to resolve conflicts between employees involved in disputes who base their objections to mistreatment upon their feelings, feelings which obscure facts and eject objectivity from the conversation. The problem: feelings are hardly a rational or reliable basis upon which to resolve a dispute. If two parties at odds with each other merely "feel" offended, there is little way to assign responsibility for mistreatment to any one party. Of course, to many liberals blame, which is to say responsibility for bad behaviour, is to be avoided at all costs.

How does one navigate the treacherous waters of perceptions skewed by feelings?

The personnel manager admitted to the irreconcilability of two positions held by two different people who were both using their feelings as justification for a complaint and an attempt to claim the moral high ground. There is no high ground in the liberal swamp where feeling offended equates to being harassed.
Reacting appropriately to being offended is an important part of living in an ideologically diverse society.
We may not like the feeling, but being offended offers an opportunity to examine our own views and discuss dissenting ones. Sometimes it seems easier to avoid ideas we find unpleasant, but if we can suppress the urge to ignore or lash out against them — if we challenge ourselves to stop and think about why we’re offended and why the other person would say or do what they did — we can gain a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.
Being harassed is another matter entirely. Harassment is an action that attacks and bullies a single person or a group. Nobody should be subjected to that kind of behaviour. Feeling offended is a natural response to being harassed, but many other actions can also cause offense; so being offended is not in itself equal to being harassed. Assuming that, because someone is offended, harassment has occurred is a form of logical fallacy known as affirming the consequent or denying the antecedent. Harassment is the event that causes the outcome of offense, but if offense occurs, it wasn’t necessarily harassment that caused it.—C. Shenton & L. Soubolsky
Society is plagued by agendas which rely on feelings to suppress facts. The only way the liberal-progressive agenda can gain any power, if recent events in American political media are any indication, is by a misuse of the instruments of civil society—the courts, government, the media. When the aforementioned instruments are appropriated by liberals using feelings to sway opinion, courts, governments and media enterprises become useless and an obstacle to the preservation of inalienable rights. What emerges in a society driven by sentiment is nothing less than fascism, a fascism of the intolerant left that invents scapegoats and demonizes anyone or anything which challenges the irrationality of the "progressive" agenda.

How often in the workplace is one subject to the whims of colleagues who, unable to argue their position from fact and reason, impose their feelings in order to control what should be fair debate and by so doing halt progress and suppress legitimate considerations? In the area of conflict resolution, little resolution is possible in such circumstances except to agree that, all feelings being equal, there is no basis to the conflict other than one (or more) person's lust for control and power. He or she who cries loudest and first wins (forces) the resolution.

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