So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter (2 Thess. 2:15). Guard what has been entrusted to you. Avoid the godless chatter and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge, for by professing it some have missed the mark as regards faith (1 Tim. 6:21-22).

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Media Folly. Liturgist Folly. The rise of prophets.

It's highly amusing to watch an irrelevant "mainstream" media performing verbal gymnastics in an attempt to demonize conservatives and conservative members of government south of the border. Surely American chiropractors are benefiting from a marked increased in journalists slipping a disk or two by contorting facts to fit a liberal narrative which has repeatedly failed to win liberals or progressives the White House or both houses of the United States Congress and most state legislatures. They have yet to figure out that the liberal-progressive agenda is not viable in a world that relies on an honest and rigorous appreciation of facts to guide legislation, a world made worse when people elevate their disordered feelings to the level of government policy. Enough people awakened to the charlatanism of the Democratic Party to avoid electing Secretary Clinton and her band of merry progressives.

Those so desperate to hold on to the Obama legacy fail to realize that his fascist policies (which robbed working people of their right to the free exercise of their religious beliefs, for starters) are not natural to nor viable in a free society. The liberal agenda, having been exposed as an empty headed attempt to claw power from the people, has been soundly rejected. Instead of whining and whimpering, perhaps those who voted for Secretary Clinton might do well to perform a collective examination of conscience to purge themselves of their adolescent rage so they can begin to be of real benefit to society and the common good.

The media is in overdrive trying to pin the label of fascism on right wing politicians. They, of course, are the real fascists. For starters, they have enabled a dismantling of culture by drowning out the voice of reason and by marginalizing free speech, especially religious speech. Meanwhile, the media are blind to the threat that certain rabidly irrational ideologies pose to civil society, not the least of which are various forms of Islamist militancy that, for one, deny women basic human rights. Far more dangerous to inalienable rights in the West, however and for the moment, is militant secularism, typically the religion of the relativist and liberal extremist who says and does little other than demonize anyone who disagrees with their inhuman liberal agenda which is by its very nature pro-abortion, anti-religion, pro-euthanasia and anarchic.

Liberal religionists in the Church apply the same tactics as their secular brethren against anyone who suggests that the Holy Eucharist may not be given to serial adulterers or anyone living in mortal sin. Sadly, the limp thinking typical among so-called (c)atholic progressives which tolerates obstinacy—which in effect blesses sinful behaviour—reaches to the very top of the hierarchy. Saint Paul's admonitions to embrace virtue (for the sake of one's salvation in Christ) are conveniently absent from the vocabulary of progressives.

We need prophets to combat the threat to faithful Catholics posed by liberal religion and "progressivism", and God is not disappointing. God has raised a chorus of voices to defend holy doctrine and to call back to sanity those mad individuals who have practically gone insane by embracing a faux-mercy that enables sin and suppresses the need for conversion. Many of the members of that chorus of faithful voices can be found in the left column of this blog under the heading PROBATICA PISCINA.

The ways in which people treat the sacred Liturgy are sure signs of where their hearts are at. If the Liturgy is merely the "work of the people", commonly understood to mean that the Liturgy can be defined in the image of a given parish's disoriented identity, an identity which very often marginalizes communion with the wider Church and results in congregationalism, then those parishes will be populated with lukewarm believers who are pre-occupied with their pseudo-liturgical emotionalism and who constantly reinvent the Liturgy and themselves because they fail to grasp that the principal actor in the Mass is the Lord, our Saviour Jesus Christ, Who is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

The Liturgy is something we receive (and not re-manufacture week to week, or day to day). Jesus, being the principal, and for that matter the principle or canon against whom all our worship is measured, we are not permitted to deviate from the pattern guided by the Holy Spirit, the pattern enfleshed in the liturgical norms which help preserve authentic worship of Almighty God. Sadly, those norms (and the very need for norms and nuanced rubrics) have been rendered obsolete, at least to the thinking of the "progressive". Thus, many liturgies display more a sense of anarchy than a cohesion which mirrors the theological and ecclesial unity of the Body of Christ.

Alas, a typical parish Mass is saturated with liberal religionists so poorly catechized—and whose fault is that?—that to show any reverence at all (by receiving Holy Communion on the tongue, or kneeling throughout the Canon until the Pater Noster, or placing the Tabernacle on/above the altar...) is to incur the scorn of our liberal brethren. Perhaps they are made to feel uncomfortable by authentic piety, a piety that acknowledges the Real Presence and configures the mind and body together to the reverent worship of Almighty God. ?

Faithful Catholics must zealously claim back the Liturgy for Christ. As long as Catholics think that the Liturgy may be made into whatever Father Celebrity or his cheeky music director or the "liturgist" imagines, faithful Catholics will be robbed of the opportunity to worship God in spirit and in truth.

One who is plagued by disastrous liturgies might consider joining a Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form) or Ordinariate community wherein the Mass is celebrated with dignity, reverence and an appropriate attention to detail, detail that enfleshes the Word of God in signs and symbols rich in theological truth, goodness and beauty.

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