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Friday, March 17, 2017

Freedom Friday. Your property? Your rights? Live and let live? In Ohio, not so much.

FYI - links in the excerpt below are from the original article.

Whatever happened to that hallowed liberal virtue of 'live and let live'?
Ohio LGBT Group Announces Plans to Target Churches for Homosexual Weddings
An LGBT organization in Ohio has announced plans to target churches if they refuse to offer their property to be used in a homosexual wedding.
An LGBT organization in Ohio has announced plans to target churches if they refuse to offer their property to be used in a homosexual wedding. In opposing the Ohio Pastor Protection Act (HB-36), the group Equality Ohio announced that they would target churches, forcing them to rent church facilities to groups that oppose their beliefs. This despite the fact that all the Roman Catholic bishops in Ohio support the bill, and Catholics make up approximately 20 percent of the state’s population.
When asked “if a church community has a church hall that they rent to couples who want to have that wedding reception in that hall … should that church hall and church community be forced to rent that to someone who wants to use that building for something that’s against that church community’s belief system,” an Equality Ohio spokeswoman said, “Sure, I would say that if that space is open and generally available to the public for a fee, yes that should be available to everyone.”—Tyler O'Neil (TAR)
Question of the Day: Will halls owned by Ohio muslims be targeted by Equity Ohio? Will Equity Ohio force muslims to rent out their spaces for LGBT events? Just askin'.

Another entry for the dictionary of newspeak:
Freedom of Spitch: the imagined right to suppress speech and to suppress the exercise of other inalienable rights which liberals deem a threat to the liberal agenda.
InEquity Ohio?

Domestic terrorism is on the rise, only it's not what liberals and so-called progressives define it as. Instead of employing reasoned argument and engaging in civil discourse, it (i.e., domestic terrorism) is what liberals do to others when people of goodwill reject liberal ideology or leftwing fascism.

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