So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter (2 Thess. 2:15). Guard what has been entrusted to you. Avoid the godless chatter and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge, for by professing it some have missed the mark as regards faith (1 Tim. 6:21-22).

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ending the evil legacy of Margaret Sanger one fact at a time.

Up to the day of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, He Who is the Lord and judge of nations, human beings will devise increasingly harsh ways to dehumanize and marginalize other human beings.

Who are the modern slavers who propagate a system that not only robs people of their money but their children and their souls too? The giant abortion corporations who, like Nazi slavers, want racial and social purity. Planned Parenthood abortuaries are routinely located in poor "coloured" neighbourhoods, i.e., among people deemed inferior by the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger.
Planned Parenthood has convinced more than a generation of vulnerable women that their lives can only be better and worthwhile when they destroy their unborn children. In the Planned Parenthood universe, children are a curse.

Planned Parenthood has taught everyone how to be wretched citizens, citizens without a sense of solidarity and charity (love of neighbour). Thanks to the intensification of the presence of informative images and testimonies on the web, people are now starting to realize that any participation in the abortion industry is cooperation with cruelty on so many levels. There is no compassion whatsoever in destroying innocent human life. Abortion is animalistic, cruel and inhuman.

Of course, there are sophistic attempts to paint anyone who stands athwart of the pro-abortion status quo—a rapidly shrinking status quo, at that—as being insensitive. The abortionist asks, 'What about the woman who conceives after being raped? Will you force her to have that "product" of a rape?' First off, that "product" is a baby, a unique individual who is not to blame for the rape. The child is, contrary to the one track mind of the prurient and selfish ideologue, a sign of hope. One only has to read the many articulate, beautiful stories of women who were conceived in rape, and their mothers' stories, to know that the crime of rape does not need to be followed by another crime against humanity, a crime against the humanity of a mother and her child.
Bethany's Story 
Aimee's Story
Rebecca's Story
Though they may believe they are altruists, abortionists and their supporters tend to live in a moral black hole, and cultivate an intellectual environment that is devoid of reason and authentic compassion. Abortion corporations do little to support women who have undergone abortions. It is the work of countless pro-life organizations that support women who keep their children. Innumerable groups provide psychological, spiritual and material support to those who keep their children, to those who regret having aborted their children, and to those harmed physically and emotionally by abortion but who are ignored and forgotten by "providers of women's healthcare".

For women who realize the devastation their "choice" has wrought upon their lives and their lost unborn children, they find peace with other women who, having realized they have been conned by profiteers like Planned Parenthood, acknowledge and accept responsibility for their actions and find real compassion from those willing to stand with them to put things into perspective, groups that support and protect women who have been made victims of a culture of death, women who bought into the lie of freedom through abortion.
Jesus prayed for his persecutors... “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” Women who have aborted their child(ren) can pray... 'Father, forgive me. I did not know what I was doing. I believed a lie that promised freedom. I let an abortionist take my baby's life. Have mercy on me a sinner.'
We are all sinners. God always forgives the sorrowful sinner. Those who love God, if they truly be Christian, love and support the mother of the aborted child.
To the repentant sinner God gives grace to grow in holiness, to grow toward Him in love. The forgotten parent, the father of the aborted baby, too, can ask for forgiveness. The Sacrament of Penance is a great aid to overcoming guilt and is very much the arena in which occurs the beginning of profound healing.

Every child who survives abortion is a witness to the truth that human life is not defined by abortionists. Planned Parenthood does not get to define life. It has surrendered any sense of logic and scientific fact concerning the unique life emerging within the womb and therefore does not get to determine how the maturation process proceeds.
Death is defined and promoted by the abortionist: the death of the body; the death of the soul.

Every child who survives abortion, every woman who sets aside her fears, doubts, confusion and needless or unfounded shame, becomes an eloquent witness to authentic humanity.

Planned Parenthood's day is coming. Its insatiable thirst for profit is the evidence that will convince all but the weirdest and wildest feminists—who aren't really feminists at all—that what Planned Parenthood offers is a scam, a quick fix solution promising happiness to those who submit themselves to the inhuman service it provides.

But, but... Planned Parenthood offers so much more than abortion. It offers breast cancer exams and... . Lies! PP does not do breast cancer screening. It refers women to other organizations that perform breast cancer screenings. FACT: Planned Parenthood's primary source of income is from the Government and from abortion services.

But, but... Planned Parenthood provides family planning! Sure—PP gives out hundreds of thousands of condoms. Here's the thing—condoms fail! And PP knows this. PP creates an abortion market by providing faulty technologies. Those faulty technologies create dependency upon PP which, when pregnancies result from failed technologies, PP provides an ultimate "solution" for people who, devoid of responsibility or frightened into compliance with the abortion regime, seek quick fix solutions which are, indeed the "final solution" for innocent pre-born lives.

Planned Parenthood's demise will come as a result of people waking up to the fact that every Planned Parenthood clinic is a death camp where those who, having been deemed less than human by moral anarchists, are sent to be culled from society.

Many may object to the graphic images one typically sees at a Genocide Awareness Project display. The images are very disturbing, and so they should be. Anyone with a conscience can see evil for what it is. Yes, that means if someone cannot or will not see abortion as an unspeakable crime, that person probably lacks a conscience, or is certainly blinded in a way that prevents them from engaging the horrific facts about what abortion is and what it does to people's lives.

Here's the thing—when abortionists and their supporters die, they will face the souls of the inestimable number of lives snuffed out by their direct or indirect involvement. The silent chorus will be deafening, and those who perpetrate crimes against humanity, despite their protestations that they felt they were performing a service of compassion at the time they performed abortions, will hear for an eternity all—all, each and every single voice!—of their victims.

Nowadays, narcissism and its companion hedonism are as common as the air we breathe. Hollywood—that's shorthand for movie and television culture—is overpopulated with sociopaths and narcissists who have been taken as role models by far too many naive people yearning for meaning and identity. It should come as no surprise that people who worship Hollywood models of "success" tend to develop into the very idols they pray to become.

If a person begins to realize that unborn human life demands protection, then all the sloganeering and bizarre marketing schemes of the pro-death lobbyists will come into focus and that twinge of realization will become a seed of truth in one's conscience, a truth which allows one to humanly and humanely embrace mothers in difficult circumstances and the reality of the children hidden in their wombs. If only more people had eyes to see.

Planned Parenthood's demise will be accomplished when people take a stand for the voiceless child in the womb, that "blob of cells" (Do you recognize the dehumanizing language used to rob someone of their dignity?) whose simple existence affirms the obvious: I am. She is. He is. The baby is. The unborn life, encountered and embraced, awakens one to his or her right to life, to development. That unborn human life will trump the tired clichés like "My body, my right" or "Keep your rosaries off my ovaries". And the child in the womb will reply to the abortionist: "My body, my right to life!"

That condescending "blob of cells" label allows those who are pro-abortion to dismiss the humanness of the unborn child as easily as derogatory names allow racists to marginalize and kill people of a different colour.

Whether it is the colour of one's skin or the status of one's development in or outside the womb, the cruelty manifested against the weak and innocent by powerful human beings in the name of their god ("pro-choice") never ceases to shock those possessing a rightly formed conscience. A reasonable person is rightly shocked by the the sophistry of people who attempt to justify their dehumanizing behaviour. It is shocking to even imagine the ease by which some people murder others. All murder, of course, begins in the imagination. The psychic architecture of the pro-choice person is a derelict structure overrun by a sadistic calm.

Among the members of every society that is dominated by its racist and pro-abortion citizens, there are those who know better and who are willing to peacefully (i.e., non-violently) oppose, for as long as it takes, the ignorance and selfishness of others who, having institutionalized their racist and/or murderous attitudes towards their fellow human beings by imposing unjust laws, cannot or will not see the humanness of another human being.

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