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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Companions of the Order of St. Benedict received into the Catholic Church.

Holyrood Oratory of the Companions of the Order of St Benedict

Ordinariate news, and very good news it is!

From the website Listen, a publication of the Companions of the Order of St. Benedict (OSBCn)
Home at Last!
The Companions of the Order of St. Benedict have been on a long and challenging journey to become members of the Catholic Church; this has finally taken place and is a real joy for the community.
The Companions of the Order of St. Benedict are all now fully Catholic, having been received into the Church on the Feast of the Epiphany at St. Augustine's in Brandon.
"The welcome we've received has been phenomenal" Br. Sean-Patrick says with a big smile. "We've been eagerly anticipating this day, and now it's upon us!" The community members enjoyed a big parish welcome at the eleven o'clock Mass followed up with a parish get-together the next week after the liturgy.
"My confirmation was very special indeed" Prior Robert-Charles says, "it really feels so wonderful to be a Catholic and to celebrate with our new Church family". The community members are grateful to Fr. Michael in particular who helped shepherd them into the Catholic Church. The Companions of the Order of St. Benedict have two associate members, known as 'Friends' who are yet to become Catholic. "I'll be Confirmed at Easter" Tyrell says, adding that he's really looking forward to it.
Archbishop Richard Gagnon, of the Archdiocese of Winnipeg, sent his greetings saying that he'd be in prayer for the community. "This will be a beautiful day for you and your whole community. May God be with you on Epiphany day!" he wrote.
Greetings and well wishes also came from the bishop of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, The Most Rev'd Stephen Lopes. "Wonderful and welcome news" he wrote adding that he said a Mass for the community in thanksgiving. The Companions of the Order of St. Benedict are full Catholics within the jurisdiction of the Personal Ordinariate which was created to welcome and nourish former Anglicans who wish to retain the legitimate Anglican patrimony now protected and celebrated by the Catholic Church.
A note on Holyrood Oratory (photo above).

The Oratory of the Holyrood is a place where the Daily Offices are said by members of the Companions of the Order of St. Benedict. It’s located at Ferrar House and is accessible from the garden. ‘Holyrood’ is from the Old English—‘rood’ meaning ‘cross’. The Oratory is a special place to reflect on the Lord’s passion; His saving sacrificial love.

The worship space can accommodate up to ten people and provides for an intimate place to pray, collect one’s thoughts and find spiritual rest and renewal. Guests will find the oratory a place where God’s peace can be glimpsed at in a tangible way. 

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