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Sunday, February 26, 2017

"Christine Prayer Book" and "prying rosaries".

This past week USA TODAY published a pejorative article on Church Militant TV, an article associated with one from the Detroit Free Press. A recent Google search revealed the article no longer exists (404 alert).'-next-right-wing-media-empire/98154148/
A subsequent search (using the term "church militant") using the USA TODAY search window found the following page which could not be opened (i.e., Connection Error... (INTERNAL SERVER ERROR)):

Click on image to Enlarge

USA TODAY published an image along with the story with a caption that is as amusing as it is telling concerning the secular media's poor editing of religious news.


The caption read "A Christine Prayer book and prying rosaries are seen inside the Chapel on Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017, at the Church Militant headquarters in Ferndale."

A partially corrected image subsequently appeared at:
Saturday, 25-FEB-2017, 9:05pm PST

The caption on the image captured from the Detroit Free Press now reads "A Christian Prayer book and prying rosaries are seen inside the Chapel on Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017, at the Church Militant headquarters in Ferndale."

Normally, such simple errors wouldn't merit criticism. After all, anyone could make a similar mistake, and the errors identified hardly constitute a serious violation of the facts. However, an editor took the time to correct the caption, which means the caption error was important enough to merit the attention of an editor and to merit correction. However, as you can see, the editor failed, again, to catch another obvious error. If someone is going to take the time to make a correction, surely he or she can exercise due diligence and catch all the mistakes in a mere 30-word caption. Such a simple omission could point to an issue of competence, or a lack thereof.

Sloppy Journalism

Is it fair to state that an organization which cannot manage to accurately represent the "little things" also cannot be trusted to accurately represent the "big things"?

In this day and age when the secular media takes great umbrage at the accusation that they frequently engage in the dissemination of fake news, which is to say the news represented in a way that lacks an appropriate journalistic rigour, i.e., a passionate concern for the accurate transmission of the facts without prejudice to balance or fair representation of all sides of an issue, the same "news" organizations should not be surprised if people stop reading certain newspapers and stop watching certain television organizations which routinely fail to engage in a fair and truthful dissemination of the facts,... all the facts.

If editors or photographers take the time to make one correction while other errors (committed in the same "breath", as it were) escape their attention, what does that say about the intentions and/or the editorial ability of said media types?

Ruh-ro Raggy

An additional recent gaff: Saturday 9:48pm PST USA TODAY image:

"top-ranked", perhaps?

It must have been a week of big fingers... or all thumbs.

A journalist who cannot spell is like a lifeguard who cannot swim. Readers and swimmers beware.

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