So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter (2 Thess. 2:15). Guard what has been entrusted to you. Avoid the godless chatter and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge, for by professing it some have missed the mark as regards faith (1 Tim. 6:21-22).

Monday, November 7, 2016

Fast and pray for our American cousins.

People of the Commonwealth and of those nations that enjoyed the protection of our American cousins' military umbrella during the Cold War years and since, and all people of goodwill, fast and pray for the United States of America.

It is far too easy to criticize America for its failings. Imagine, though, a world without the exceptional country that produced a magnificent Constitution and the Bill of Rights. What other country has not looked upon those founding documents and not borrowed many of the ideas, not to mention the reminders of the fundamental freedoms—inalienable rights given to man by God, not the state—that civilized peoples enjoy because a people managed to rise to the level of the heroic to defend freedom at home and abroad?

America stands at a fork in the road. Which is the better team to take America onward?

More than a few of America's heads of state have been flawed human beings. There have been great presidents and terribly weak presidents. Great statesmen and limp pretenders. With regards to the latter, i.e., the weak, Jimmy Carter comes to mind. A good leader establishes an ideal and becomes the measure of others. Lincoln and Reagan come to mind.

Empires rise and fall. Nations that are falling rarely want to admit their end is coming. They fail to make proper and courageous changes for the sake of the common good. Instead, a people doomed to decline are rapt in the pursuit of power for the sake of power.

America, until fairly recently, has been a nation of people for whom power served the common good. Will the USA live out the full meaning of its creed that even the unborn are equal to those who stand in judgement of them and who, to America's shame, work to destroy human life in the womb?

America faces a choice between a liar and a braggart, a sinister minion of the culture of death and an obnoxious lout. The candidates for Vice-President are easily contrastable. On the left we have a wolf-in-Catholic-clothing, a national hypocrite; on the right we have a man who acts with integrity to defend human life. There is a clear choice between Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pense. No one can accuse Mike Pense of not being a decent fellow. Pense is a person of faith who does not create artificial and illogical boundaries between the personal and public expression of his faith. Kaine, on the other hand, has acted like a clone of another belligerent cafeteria Catholic, Joe Biden. In terms of manners, i.e., the lack thereof, Joe Biden, who as a "Catholic" should know and act better, makes Donald Trump look like a choir boy.

Many blame Trump for America's descent into incivility. Joe Biden took on the role of attack dog for the Democrat Party during the last two elections. It was Biden who took on the role of schoolyard bully and who has taken politicking down to the lowest level yet achieved. Those who voted for the Obama-Biden team must own the fact that by voting for a minion of Alinsky and for a Quisling, they have showed their approval for and lent their support to an agenda which any faithful Catholic would conclude has been anti-Catholic, and extremely so. Lest there be any doubt as to the Obama administration's intentions, ask the Little Sisters of the Poor about their perspective regarding the Obama administration's actions to inhibit freedom of religious expression.
Following in the jackboots of Obama, Hillary Clinton has deliberately chosen Kaine to cloak her campaign in a Catholic veneer to win over low-information Catholics. If Catholics believe Kaine and Clinton will actually undo the rabid secularist persecution of the Church in America and persecution of her various charitable institutions begun by Obama, then Catholics who vote Democrat this election will be in for a major surprise soon into the first term of a Clinton presidency. A surprise, mind you, only to those conned by liberal-progressives into suspending their ability to distinguish fact from fantasy. Who would doubt that the Obama legacy of marginalizing Catholics in the public square will find acceptance and greater latitude in a Hillary Clinton America?

Several American bishops have seen clearly the challenge and have identified the way forward for those vexed by the behaviour of the two presidential candidates.

For a faithful Catholic, the one issue—and yes, in this day and age there is a single primary or fundamental issue by which one can measure a candidate's suitability for public office—is the issue of the defence of the dignity and the sanctity of life. This election, one candidate supports abortion. Vehemently, in fact, supporting even late-term abortions of near-birth children. The same pro-abortion candidate chose a (c)atholic who promotes the diabolical mental evasion of 'personally opposed to but politically pro abortion' which cafeteria (c)atholics use to anesthetize their consciences which then allows them to embrace the pro-death Democratic Party. The Republican candidate for President, hardly a lifelong witness to the sanctity of life, has repeatedly voiced his intent to take a stand in defence of human life in the womb. To that end, the same candidate has chosen a vice-presidential running mate who has acted consistently to defend innocent pre-born life.

One party supports abortion because it rejects the humanity of the unborn, just as the same political party rejected the humanity of people of colour in former times. The other party, the GOP, is the party of Abraham Lincoln, the party which began the liberation of America from the tyranny of slavery and which has consistently acted to overturn racist laws (enacted by Democrats; cf The Truth About Jim Crow). The Democratic Party, that once pro-slavery party and ever deaf to the humanity of unborn children they consider less than human, still promotes condescension toward people of colour. A recent video by Ami Horowitz captures the condescension and ignorance of progressives toward people of colour [click on the following text/link]: How white liberals really view black voters.

Some may be reluctant to vote this election. However, each citizen must exercise his or her right to vote. A single vote can make a real difference. Do not believe the propaganda and hype. Look at the policies or ideologies that each candidate promotes and then decide who will better serve the common good! All inalienable rights are dependent upon the right to life. Which team is more likely to protect America's weakest citizens' right to life?

As for us non-Americans, fast and pray that God will bring good out of this election. And, may God, through people of goodwill, establish hope among the nations and bring an end to the culture of death in all nations.

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