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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald defeats Democrats. What's next?

The media elite, or is that the elitist media, did not predict President-elect Trump's win. They could not. They were part of a coordinated effort by the Democrat machine that spent billions of dollars (compared to Trump's grassroots effort) in an attempt to sell the American people a pleasant fiction. It will take an equally concerted effort on the part of people of goodwill to overcome the impact of the Clinton-Obama legacy. The attack on the Church in America, the attacks on the family and the institution of marriage, the racial divide made even more brutal by a president with daddy issues and by a Hollywood culture intolerant to anyone or any group that challenges its dysfunctional family of liberal-progressive ideologies—these must come to an end if America and the free world is to recover its conscience.

America must recover its bearing in order to survive and thrive.
A rising America will float all boats except those states whose captains insist on using liberal-progressive policies to drill holes in the hulls of their nations and cultures. The surge in support for Republican governors is one additional sign that the American people are ready to evict the liberal social agenda and change course.

The polls were not only wrong, they and their hosts have now been exposed as complicit with a party which wanted to convince voters to look past a crooked and conniving candidate whose legacy of selling America to the highest bidder and her profiting through a foundation constructed in her family's name were portents of shame to a populace that, for the most part—there are the many Americans who were willing to elect Hillary even though her evil behaviour should have repulsed any person of conscience—saw past the façade and who could see Secretary Clinton for what she really is and would have been if elected president. 

America is ready for a woman president—just not Hillary Clinton. Her condescending attitude toward people of colour will not find a home in the next presidency. The liberal attitude that people of colour cannot manage to register to vote nor acquire adequate ID is offensive to this person of colour, and—as the results tend to show—many people of colour denied Clinton the opportunity to pretend to be their champion. People of colour were not conned by the Democratic Party and looked elsewhere for relief from Obama's "hope and change".
Ami Horowitz: How white liberals really view black voters
The Senate, House and now the Presidency are in the hands of Republicans. The American people, especially Catholic Americans, need to be convinced that respect for inalienable rights—freedom of speech, freedom of religion—will be restored and that government will be unshackled from special interest groups that hate the Catholic Church.

First order of business for President-elect Trump?—appoint a pro-life justice to the Supreme Court. And, when Ruth Bader Ginsburg finally tosses in the towel, the new president should find another voice who will defend the Constitution, a justice who will not be given to revisionist thinking. The world needs a Court of originalist readers of the Constitution, not activist judges who invent law and who ignore the Constitution's fundamental orientation to the inalienable right to life. The Court, the culture and country require justices cut from the same cloth as Justice Antonin Scalia if the nation is to survive the cadre of adolescents who have driven the agenda for far too long.

Pray now that President-elect Trump will be a man of the people, a statesmen and not a blowhard, a defender of authentic liberty and justice for all.

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