So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter (2 Thess. 2:15). Guard what has been entrusted to you. Avoid the godless chatter and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge, for by professing it some have missed the mark as regards faith (1 Tim. 6:21-22).

Friday, November 11, 2016

Aftermath: media muddles maliciously; Democrat tantrum.

What's more annoying?
1) The supposedly non-partisan mainstream media's pre-election shameless promotion of the Clinton campaign (to the disappointment of Bernie supporters and to the annoyance of Trump supporters).
2) The post-election whining and scurrying for a story by the same mainstreamers.
Other than venting feverishly in their articles and Tweets and inciting others to persist in illusion, rudderless secular journalists have little to offer in the way of coping skills. Left with little or no ability to perform an examination of conscience, they turn, as they inevitably do, to questioning the sanity of the voters who elected the candidate who, to their "progressive" way of thinking, could do no right. Their do-no-wrong candidate deserved to be elected, so they vainly repeat to themselves their mantra of consolation as if petitioning some deity of the Left. They just cannot bring themselves to admit that reality is not as they imagined, and that their faith in one known to be a serial liar, bully and advocate for the culture of death was entirely misplaced. Those who believe in nothing will fall for anything and everything. And so, the media will fall with their fallen candidate who invested 1.3 billion dollars in propaganda to distract Americans from their hidden hatred of "deplorables", i.e., freedom-loving Americans.

Members of the secular media might welcome the pollsters (and pouting celebs and, sadly, many naive residents of the Left Coast who voted "blue") to join them in the sore losers' lounge, along with the protesters who are showing the true face of the intolerant Democrat Party. The pollsters who were utterly wrong about the likely outcome of the election. Like it or not, Trump trumped the pundits.

Vive la résistance! The 'Deplorables' have won!

As liberal-progressives taxi on the runway of disappointment, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, perhaps after a few dozen martinis or copious amounts of Prozac, acceptance, Trump supporters can and should take a few days to bask in their victory. After all, the deplorables, many faithful Catholics among them, were not supposed to win. The American patriotic underground undermined the undeserving Democratic Party and denied the angel of death Clinton her victory.

The same Trump-eters—or is that Trump-eteers?—can enjoy a little chuckle, too, at the expense of all those proud peacocks who failed completely to understand that people of goodwill, the majority of Americans, have had enough of socialist social engineers and self serving inside-the-beltway politicians.

Abel defeats Kaine

It's safe to say, too, that Catholics, upon hearing about the Democratic Party's actual thoughts about Catholics and the Church, exercised a little fraternal correction against our Democratic brethren in the form of crossing the floor to vote Republican. It's about freakin' time people woke up and smelled the poison in the chalice! That Catholics could have voted for a party that expressly hates the Catholic Faith and which has used dupes like Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, Sebelius and most recently Kaine to sow confusion among the faithful is shocking, to say the least.

In scenes redolent of North Koreans weeping in the presence of their latest dear despot leader, true believers in the Democratic Party have appeared in news reports in the wake of the election loss. The Democratic Party, more cult than political party, does not deserve the support of Catholics.

When confronted with its diabolical past, one pro-Clinton colleague on election night commented, rather forcefully I might add, that the Democratic Party was beyond its pro Jim Crow, pro-slavery days. Really?! Clinton's support for partial birth abortion is but one glaring example of the how the Party's cult-like support of human sacrifice confirms that the Democratic Party is still incapable of seeing and respecting the dignity and sanctity of human life in all its stages. The Party of slavery has not left its sinister past behind at all. Given Hillary's avid support for Planned Parenthood, an organization that has successfully lobbied politicians for decades to marginalize the Catholic voice in the public square, one would have thought that Catholics would have long ago abandoned the Democratic Party. The low-information Catholic, like their low-information fellow citizens, have supported a political party that continues to deny the humanity of the unborn child just as the Democratic Party was incapable of treating people of colour according to their human dignity. The Democratic Party is a violent entity that promotes a modern version of the blood-drenched Colosseum—the abortion industry. It is little surprise that disgruntled pro-abortion Democrat voters have taken to the streets to reject the peaceful transition of power, thereby proving that those who embrace a violent ideology—i.e., the violence against the innocent unborn promoted by the Democratic Party—beget violence.

That some (many) (c)atholics could support such a pro-death political entity as the Democratic Party is utterly Shameful. Shameful, that is, for a people who are supposed to be children of the Light.

If people enjoy placing all their hopes and dreams in a politician to the point of sacrificing reason on the altar of utopian ideology, they have been born a century-or-so too late. Deo gratias, the Soviet Union is gone. Socialism has been tried and, everywhere it has been tried, hundreds of thousands into the tens of millions have died. Socialism cannot shed its violent heart; in theory and practice, it cannot tolerate any dissent.

In the West, socialism is killing souls. Those who belong to parties which court the grim reaper will answer to the victims of their diabolical behaviour and for their complicity in the destruction of Western societies and institutions.

Given the election night wake-up call, more than a few Catholics should spend considerably more time in the confessional for having supported the pro culture of death agenda of the Democratic Party by voting for Clinton and her (c)atholic quislings.

Or, perhaps people might actually contribute to the discussion and join the chorus calling for real change, change promised by Obama but which—and this is a significant point—merely resulted in a very small minority controlling social institutions and that attempted to create an illusion of a majority when, in fact, the real majority of American citizens want(ed) none of the Obamachine's sexualized politics.

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