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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Canadian Catholic Bishops drop support for United Church of Canada left-wing umbrella group.

Kairos, an umbrella corporation of the Untied Chooch of Canada, has for over a decade involved Catholics in various goofy and perhaps spiritually dangerous enterprises.

Catholics have been tied to a sinking ship for far too long. It's about time the bishops have come to their theological and financial senses. Their withdrawal from Kairos demonstrates appropriate stewardship of resources properly directed to the mission of Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church, not to some radical socialist enterprise sponsored by an outfit that, while claiming to be a (c)hristian community, has a history of its moderators and ministers openly and fervently denying the divinity of Jesus Christ.
October 18, 2016
TORONTO – Canada’s Catholic bishops will no longer be part of Canada’s ecumenical social(-ist) justice coalition known as Kairos.
The decision taken by a majority of bishops at the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ annual plenary meeting was prompted by a combination of ideological differences and minor legal changes in the structure of the ecumenical coalition to meet tax compliance concerns of the Canada Revenue Agency. For legal and tax purposes, Kairos has been a part of the United Church of Canada since it was founded in 2001.
“For Kairos to be able to function, they had to become, in essence, an expression of the United Church of Canada,” said Halifax-Yarmouth Archbishop Anthony Mancini, who presented the motion to withdraw from Kairos at the September meeting of bishops. “What used to be a board in the sense of partners from different churches now becomes a steering committee, in essence, of one organization… It became a bit unusual for the CCCB to suddenly be a committee member of another Church.
Kairos’s mostly left-wing culture of protest, along with policies and statements made on certain issues, chafed at times, Mancini said.
“Then there are strategies — strategies are different ways of trying to get your job done. Sometimes we didn’t agree with some of that,” the archbishop said.
The CCCB will actively seek opportunities in future to collaborate with Kairos in individual projects, said Mancini. (Let's hope that the CCCB exercises effective oversight to ensure the Church is not supporting immoral enterprises.)
The bishops contributed $57,500 to Kairos’s budget in 2016, amounting to 2.56 per cent of a total budget of $2,242,984. By way of notice, the CCCB will contribute another $28,750 in 2017. When Kairos was formed in 2001 the bishops were contributing close to $250,000.
While the Catholic bishops are exiting, both the Canadian Catholic (Dis-)Organization for Development and Peace and 70 Catholic religious orders represented by the Canadian Religious Conference remain members (Facepalm!). Of the 11 member churches and organizations in Kairos, only the CCCB declined to sign the updated memorandum of agreement circulated following a CRA audit.
The new memorandum of agreement made no change to the relationship between Kairos and the United Church of Canada, Jagger-Parsons said.
There may have been times official statements from Kairos went out with the logo of the CCCB affixed which the CCCB did not agree with, said Jagger-Parsons.
“There have been occasions when the CCCB hasn’t agreed with a particular policy. I don’t think that they are the only member where that has happened,” he said.
“There was always an assumption that because we were a member that we were in favour of what they were putting out. Well, that wasn’t always the case,” said Mancini.
Since the 12 organizations were brought under the banner of Kairos Canada in 2001, the organization has faced a series of funding issues as many of its church partners dealt with shrinking revenues and budgets.

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