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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Anglican Benedictines entering the Ordinariate in Canada.

Perigrinations has the story:
Br. Sean-Patrick and Br. Robert-Charles (Bengry), along with their little Benedictine Community of Sts. James and John in Brandon, Manitoba, have discerned that God is calling them to come home to the Catholic Church as part of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter.
Br. Sean and Br. Robert supported themselves and their small Benedictine community through their stipends as Anglican priests, they are now without funds and employment. They've given up so much to enter full Catholic communion.

If you can help you'll be making a real difference to these two faithful religious men who have given so much of themselves to the Anglican Church, but who now find themselves all but destitute. They are currently seeking employment but require funds for the short-term to make ends meet and so they can maintain their ministry as they come to the Catholic Church.
If you want to offer support of any kind—prayer, financial, material—try the following links to direct your offerings to the Brothers.
Pray for them during their time of transition!

P.S.—If readers have a better way/link to offer support, leave a message in the combox.

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