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Thursday, September 8, 2016

NPR and the forgotten virtue of fairness.

Few, it seems, are comfortable with the Democrat and Republican presidential candidates. Might this election be described, then, as VPs to the rescue? A topic for another blog.

Editorial bias, thy name is NPR.

Of the last five NPR segments under the All Things Considered umbrella to which I've listened, an umbrella better known as All Things Distorted, or All Things Democrat, each NPR segment on the current presidential race began with a polite introduction by a velvet-toned NPR journalist which then blends into an audio file capturing a Hillary episode that damns Donald Trump, and concludes with a very brief and often snarky 'Oh yeah, and Trump did this' piece tossed into the report to give the appearance of balance.

If NPR reports are examples of balanced reporting, then all the teeter-totters on the NPR playground have one side permanently weighed down by morbidly obese Democrat donkeys (or is that lackeys?) wearing NPR swag.
When Hillary's comments are reported, the segments tend strongly toward an uncritical or neutral presentation. Whereas, Trump's comments are parsed with vigour leaving little doubt that the editors are engaging in mockery and caricatures of Trump's actions (e.g., visit to flood ravaged Baton Rouge; the Mexico visit; visits with veterans) rather than merely report on Trump's comments and actions. It may very well be that Trump's actions are mockery worthy, but it is not the place for news programs to engage in a propaganda war that favours one candidate over another.

While local public radio reporting is generally fair-minded and accurate, as is the case with KNKX (formerly KPLU), national public radio in Canada and the United States is too often a cover for social engineering and leftist ideological terrorism.

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