So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter (2 Thess. 2:15). Guard what has been entrusted to you. Avoid the godless chatter and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge, for by professing it some have missed the mark as regards faith (1 Tim. 6:21-22).

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The spiritual battle for the hearts and minds of Catholics continues.

Every once and awhile something in the news bites at the neck and chafes one's thighs, motivating pen to digital paper. There have been plenty of ecclesiastical mosquitos and gnats of late buzzing around inside this and many other bloggers' noggins to feed the War On Error. Sadly, the one war which should concern Catholics the most is the one being waged by—if the reader will forgive the florid expressions—spies, assassins and theological ne'er-do-wells within the sacred precincts of Holy Mother Church.

This brief post is not about the war against religion in the public square. No, the bloodless persecution of Christians and others in the workplace is overt enough that only the cataracted perpetrators of said workplace violence against people of faith need a telescope trained on their actions to help them realize how much they really are bullies. We're talking about the war for souls within Holy Mother Church herself.

Given that many eloquent witnesses have weighed in on the subject of the loss of the sense of the sacred, the loss of Faith and the loss of a sense of obedience to Christ and His Church, this slap at the drift of Catholics into irrelevant pursuits shall be confined to a tidy and, in the wake of a post-Olympics hangover, perhaps slightly gymnastic account of the state of affairs from the vantage point given to this blogger.

As most tradition-minded Catholics probably know, the past few decades have been saturated with theological trickery by errant priests, bishops and their lay allies. Theirs is a sleight of hand which is part of the repertoire the enemy has been using since the dawn of man.

A common tactic of the luciferian is to speak so as to not draw attention to himself while promoting among his confederates an appealing half-truth. His allies then smooth the dissemination of various fictions among unsuspecting believers by ploughing people's feelings and elevating passions above the facts of the Catholic Faith and using those upturned feelings to fuel rebellion. Amidst the turmoil, the luciferian introduces his plans for what seems like a project of renewal. Eager to end confusion, and equally eager to profit personally from a new project, constituents lap up a pernicious idea that is introduced into the conversation, whether from the pulpit, a (c)atholic newspaper, an RCIA program or some errant priest's website. The goal is, of course, a subversion of orthodoxy and the attainment of power for power's sake.

Now, if that strategy seems somewhat familiar, you would correct in your intuition. It has been frequently used by President Obama throughout his career as community-organizer-in-chief. Obama's adoption of the flux-shift-steal tactic from Saul Alinsky's playbook reminds one of the implementation of the same technique in the wake of the Second Vatican Council by (c)atholics who created the "media council", as Pope Benedict XVI referred to the chimera birthed into existence by the union of change-hungry heretics and authority hating adolescents in Roman purple and lace.
Flux: create an unstable situation by stirring passions and getting others to assign blame to dislodge rational thinking; shift the narrative and purchase allies by becoming the voice of reason, even though one's agenda is radical and morally detestable; steal the agenda by being the one candidate or party that can provide stability, a premise that people who are wearied by conflict are all too ready to accept.
The tactic goes by different names, but the process is the same: make yourself messiah. In the wake of the upheaval of the 1960s, Catholics were all too ready to accept an agenda that appeared to be the one proposed by the Council but was, in fact, an agenda born of division cleverly massaged into the Church by change-hungry heretics who used the media to great effect to shift the narrative in their favour. Most are quite familiar with the term which has come to be applied to that new (now rapidly greying) narrative: the Spirit of Vatican II.

The beauty of the internet is that said trickery leaves a smell throughout the entire web, which allows such heterodoxy and pastoral malfeasance to be tracked, documented and dismantled. News exposing the subterfuge makes its way into homes, seminaries, parishes and diocesan rectories around the world, pushing out the lies of smooth-talking "progressives" and the hypocritical bile of supposedly "devout Catholics". Tradition-minded bloggers are turning the tactics of Catholics-in-name-only on their heads by using the internet to plant the seeds of obedience among the dissenters' weeds.

Once the malfeasance of lukewarm disciples is exposed, those who are in the so-called progressive camp who are responsible for imposing upon the faithful their revisionist take on the Liturgy and various social issues typically resort to personal attacks against their accusers in an attempt to deflect culpability away from their actions which have led astray so very many souls. Readers of this blog know all too well the story of how one media-priest attempted to bully a fellow blogger into submitting to the Rosican agenda. The blogosphere erupted, orthodox Catholic media joined the fray and Father Celebrity took cover until he attempted, yet again, to bolster his fading glory by denigrating faithful Catholics during an award acceptance speech. Pathetic hardly describes Father Celebrity's sad attempt to justify his awkward adjustments to the truth of his actions.

The "progressives" at the Synod on the Family slithered away, too, when their agenda was exposed and their malfeasance and sophistry, under the heat trained on them by orthodox bishops, simply melted and drained into the sewer where all rats dwell.

The Church suffers because certain hierarchs (heresiarchs) cavort with ambiguity, using the same tactics as Episcopalians and other mainstream Protestants have used in recent decades to wedge into their communities acceptance of an issue or issues which contradict the Apostolic Faith. Despite what some severely misguided people might believe, Catholics cannot (like Protestants) vote the teaching of Christ 'in' or 'out'.

Thanks be to God, the Catholic Church enjoys the protection of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit uses humble human vessels as part of His war against heresy and sin. Were it not for those orthodox bishops who stood up for the unalterable doctrine of the Faith, the Church would surely be in an even worse state had the heterodox managed to spread their bile with greater latitude at the Synod.

While we're on the topic of synods—the aforementioned Episcopalians or Anglicans have used their national and international synods to great effect to marginalize Apostolic teaching. The technique employed has been to use every form of shaming technique against opponents of whatever doctrine is deemed un-nice until the weak-kneed cow to the pressure levelled against them. There should be no surprised that Henry Tudor's intellectual sons and daughters, nursed on Henry's divorce from reason, toss aside doctrines as easily as their father did.

There are currently additional attempts to bring the Barque of Peter to shore, the shore preceded by reefs such as Holy Communion for the divorced and remarried. To those steering the ship, the faithful passengers are shouting 'No!, turn toward open ocean away from the harbour filled with the shipwrecks of Anglicanism, Lutheranism and the other dinghies of mainstream Protestantism'.

Peter is distracted of late. He has taken his hands off the tiller of HMS Holy Mother Church, but the Holy Spirit has good men and women on deck ready to wrestle the wheel from the hands of wicked men.

At times, Peter seems to be travelling without a map. Sure, he's defined the direction of his papacy by navigating according to the coordinates of mercy. However, mercy has become mere license in the hands of the same mutineers that the orthodox caught red handed at Synod.

As most know, it has come to light that the ghost writer of Amoris Laetitia is a known mutineer. We must pray that a future pope provides the necessary clarifications to prevent future mutineers from seizing on the virus contained within its pages to then use it as a theological weapon against the biology of the Church.

The number of orthodox "soldiers" needed to counter the rebellion of the 1960s and '70s does not need to be many, however. Remember, the Lord set the world on fire with just a few apostles in His service. Truth needs but one faithful disciple to take up spiritual and intellectual arms against the enemy within. It only takes one saint to change a parish, then a diocese, and so on.

What can we do to defend the Truth of the Gospel? Do as the saints have always done:
  • know and live the Faith; be confident and well formed in the Faith and give solid information to those who are willfully or woefully ignorant.
  • be a person of prayer; enlist the aid of the Holy Spirit and the intercession of the angels and Saints. Allow the fruit of prayer to issue forth in charitable works, spiritual and corporal works of mercy that provide others the opportunity to encounter Christ Who enlivens you and makes you His icon of hope.
  • be configured to Christ and His Magisterium, the Magisterium of the Church, and be joyfully orthodox.
  • invite others to look more deeply into the origin and meaning of the Mass; invite people to a traditional liturgy, e.g., the Extraordinary Form of the Mass and/or the Ordinariate Mass (Divine Worship) and/or a celebration of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Divine Liturgy.
Procedamus in pace.

If people reject your invitations to explore and examine the facts, wipe the dust off your feet, so-to-speak, and proceed in peace. Remember—they are God's children, and that with time, perhaps, the seeds that have been planted may grow into a robust faith. Leave room for the Holy Spirit to work through the works God has graced you to do in His name.

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