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Monday, August 8, 2016

Italy: profanation of Crucifixes, Holy Eucharist.

L'Observatoire de la Christianophobie reports a series of profanations committed against Italian parishes.
Click HERE for original article in French 
The following excerpt is an approximate translation and adaptation of an article published by Daniel Hamiche.
The French article has been compared to the original Italian article:
On July 14 L'Observatoire author Daniel Hamiche, reported a terrible sacrilege committed two days earlier by a young Muslim in San Geremia Church in Venice.
Il Gazzettino reported on August 7th that the young muslim man who committed the vandalism of a crucifix was a French-Algerian. He has since been expelled from Italy. That same day another sacrilege was committed in another church in Venice, San Zulian. Four veiled Muslim women entered the church and spat on a crucifix in plain view of attendants. The women then scattered into a crowd of tourists and disappeared.
August 6th, at a Mass, two easterners (orientali—cf. original Italian article) joined the queue of people going up to receive Holy Communion. They received the Holy Eucharist, put it in their mouth then spat it on the ground. Others had also entered the church to pray to Allah. The parish priest, Father D'Antiga, reported that when the sacristan confronted the individuals with the objection (that muslim prayer did not belong in a church), they said, "We can. The Pope gave us permission. («Possiamo, il Papa ci ha dato il permesso».)"
Adapted from Venise: profanations et sacrilèges de musulmans dans une église by Daniel Hamiche.
Apparently, San Zulian Church has become a regular target of vandals and miscreants:

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