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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Confirmation: dress codes; photos.

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Looking ahead to next year.

During a recent search for images of a certain saint, a Confirmation class photo from a parish named for said blessed popped up and revealed a curious if not slightly,... well, you'll see.

Note to priests—set down in writing a dress code. Save yourselves from the awkward situation of having to ask someone to cover up or replace a t-shirt that has a rude logo or phrase on it.

Sample Dress Code

  • suit and tie or
  • dark (preferably black) dress trousers, dark (preferably black) dress shoes
  • dress shirt (specify colour)
  • neckties: for all or for none
  • comb your hair and make it neat
  • long-sleeved blouse and knee-length skirt (with leggings)
  • long dress that covers the knees or pants
  • dress shoes (no stiletto high heels!)
  • keep the makeup sane. God gave you natural beauty! Why hide it?
  • veil? Like ties for males: for all or for none
  • yoga pants
  • shorts
  • sleeveless blouses or shirts
  • runners, casual shoes, sandals (leave those to the discalced Carmelites)
  • t-shirts
  • hats
Sensible and respectable accommodations should be made for climate/temperature and a given culture's formal dress wear.

Appropriate attire does not have to break the bank account.

If someone cannot afford a suit or dress, here's an idea: take up a collection or sponsor a fundraiser to support the Confirmandi. The pastor can consult with his catechists to determine who requires appropriate support.

Sample dress codes from around the internet:
Additional considerations:
  • establish a policy of NO photographs during the conferring of the Sacrament.
  • establish a dress code for sponsors and godparents; designate who may function as a sponsor or godparent and designate their responsibilities.
  • in addition to a well thought out and thorough formation program, set aside at least one evening prior to the Confirmation Mass to rehearse (in detail) the event. Include godparents and sponsors, servers, lectors, etc. Use the opportunity to spell out exactly what will be taking place and where and when photographs may be taken.
How do some parishes do?

A. 2015 Ballet Confirmation class.

When a priest's face speaks volumes... .
Or, perhaps he's suffering from a root-canal operation gone horribly wrong... ?
B. The few, the proud, the labelled.

C. Latin, good! White suits and dresses—nice! Big video or projection screens in the sanctuary and resurrexifix... not so much.

D. Very Latin! Notice the (mostly well configured) hands!

E. Goofy crucifix (dementorifix?). Large numbers, eh? Roses and boutonnieres—nice touch!

Speaking of codes... .

Papal Audience Dress Code
  • For the Papal Audience casual but modest dress is accepted, again ladies should still have shoulders covered particularly if the meeting is held indoors.
  • As the Audience in Summer is usually held outside and Rome gets extremely hot, bring hats, sunscreen, water and cover up as much as possible to avoid burning. Men are permitted to wear hats throughout the outdoor Audience.
St. Peter's Basilica & Sistine Chapel
Vatican Museums

  • Men should wear long pants and short sleeves; t-shirts or shirts are OK but no vest tops. 
  • Jeans are OK; official rules state no shorts. 
  • As summers can be very hot, the Vatican does sometimes relax the rules and allow Men to wear shorts. However, it is worth noting that this may not always be the case and the official dress code does state 'no shorts'. It is good perhaps to carry a pair of long pants with you in case, or wear the cargo style pants that allow you to unzip the lower legs to create shorts when needed. 
  • Men should also be aware that hats need to be removed before entering any church or Chapel which includes St Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel.
  • Women can wear trousers, capri pants and skirts, and dresses are permitted. However, they cannot be shorter than knee length (knees covered!) and shoulders must be covered. 
  • In very hot weather, a shawl or large scarf/Pashmina can be draped around the shoulders for visiting the sites. 
  • Bare shoulders and short skirts are not permitted. And again, come prepared to cover up if wearing shorts.

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