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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

St. Thomas More Ordinariate (Toronto) moves to new home.

H/T Toronto Catholic Witness

Barona of TCW writes:
This writer rejoices in the coming to the parish of St. Vincent de Paul the parish of St. Thomas More of the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. After nearly 500 years of schism and heresy, what joy fills the hearts of Catholics to be able to help those who are returning to Unity with the One Church founded by Christ.
The parish of St. Thomas More will bring to St. Vincent de Paul's vital new "blood" and energy, in a parish struggling under the indifference and apostasy of local "Latin Rite" Catholics. God works in mysterious ways: who would have thought when St. Vincent's was founded over 100 years ago that its continued life into the future will be driven by converts from Anglicanism?
While the Ordinariate Missal includes the new Lectionary, it also features the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, the Tridentine Missal's Offertory and the Roman Canon for Sunday use. If there is any hope for the "Reform of the Reform," which this writer highly doubts, this Missal is the way forward. It marks time in the Sarum tradition, "After Trinity," and restores the Gesima Sundays. Mass is celebrated "ad orientem."
A copy of the pew missal (Divine Worship) used in the Ordinariate Mass.
To those who appreciate beautiful liturgy and want to attend a reverent Mass in English, check out an Ordinariate Mass.

Visit the "headquarters" of the North American Ordinariate:
Bishop Stephen J. Lopes is the Ordinary for North America:
As Vox mentions above, the Ordinariate Liturgy will be quite familiar to those who attend the Extraordinary Form of the Mass (TLM/Usus Antiquior).

The daily Mass of the Fellowship of Blessed John Henry Newman (FBJHN) in Victoria, BC, is a Low Mass. Though the Second Eucharistic Prayer is included in Divine Worship The Missal, the Roman Canon is the canon used for daily and Sunday Masses.

Laudetur Iesus Christus!

As a former "Ordinary Former" who now sings with the FBJHN schola (English chant propers and Latin polyphonic motets!) and who is an altar server for the daily Mass, the Ordinariate has been a gift from God that has restored me to sanity.

In Victoria, there are many Ordinary Form Catholics who attend the Ordinariate Sunday Mass and a few TLM-ers who attend the daily Mass in the absence of an EF daily Mass. The EF and Ordinariate liturgies are beautiful complements!

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