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Friday, July 29, 2016

Faux-feminism called out.

Andrea Peyser of the New York Post writes:
I, for one woman, find it insulting that Team Hillary is attempting to shut down debate by shoving the candidate’s XX chromosomes in our faces, essentially accusing critics of sexism.
Rubbish. Her entire campaign is sexist.
I’d welcome a woman president who is qualified for the job, irrespective of gender, not because of it. Don’t blame that mythical glass ceiling for, as Hillary claims, once preventing an entitled, morally and legally corrupt woman from getting ahead.
She’s using that ceiling as a metaphor for her struggle against a supposedly rigged “system’’ that, in reality, paid her handsomely financially and ensured that she moved ahead professionally. She never had to smash anything to smithereens (except, perhaps, her philandering husband’s head.) I think it’s a shame that no glass ceiling exists that’s capable of keeping Hillary Clinton down. That one should be shatterproof.

Politicians of the political polar extremes have a strong habit of demonizing their opponents in order to canonize themselves when, as so often is the case, said politicians are as badly behaved or worse than their opponents. They play every card—race, sex, economic class and/or social status—in their quest for power. The same power hungry individuals merely succeed in confirming their lack of authenticity and their willingness to lie and spin their way into office. The American public is right to be concerned about the next election and the future of their country.

In early May of this year, noted new-feminist author Camille Paglia commented:
Despite their show of bravado, most savvy Democratic strategists have surely known for months that Trump was by far the most formidable of Hillary Clinton’s potential opponents—which is why they’ve been playing the race and riot cards against him to the max. Hillary has skimmed along in her bouncing gender bubble, virtually untouched by her too chivalrous Democratic rivals. Far from Hillary (in this election cycle or the last) having a harder time as a woman candidate, she has been habitually shielded by her gender. At the early debates, for example, Martin O’Malley was paralyzed by his deference to her sacred womanhood and hardly dared raise his voice to contest her brazen untruths from three feet away. Meanwhile, in debate after debate, unconstrained by the sycophantic media moderators, Hillary rudely interrupted, talked over both O’Malley and Bernie Sanders, and hogged airtime like it was going out of style.
The recent Democratic National Convention, especially the closing night, tended to confirm Paglia's insight. For the most part, the DNC was stuck on the thought that Clinton is entitled to the office of President because she's a woman, and Trump is not. Clinton has said little to disagree with the use of that strategy.

We're all sexists now.
Not that it was that hard to predict, but the moment Clinton jumped into the race we knew what was coming down the line as far as defending her from criticism or failures go. It's the same thing we expected when Obama came out as the favorite to win his elections... and also used every moment he was President.
Identity politics is the left's go to defense, and Hillary Clinton and her supporters do so love whipping out that woman card to accuse her detractors of sexism. A quick google search brings up tons of examples of supporters claiming she's suffering at the hands of anti-woman biases. It even pops up in her children's book.
The most recent person to use the glorious "S word," was CNN political analyst, Peter Beinart.
“You're not going to like this,” said Beinart to CNN Tonight's Don Lemon. “But I don't think you can explain Hillary Clinton's unfavorable ratings without understanding the way that men, and some women, who are traditionally minded respond to women when they start to take traditionally male roles.”
“This is a massive cultural change that is threatened because women are not playing the traditional role that some Americans including some women would like them to continue to play,” he went on to say.
As far as political analysis goes, this is either horribly lazy, or downright dishonest. A CNN poll showed that a whopping 68% of Americans think that Hillary Clinton is dishonest. And why shouldn't they? Hillary Clinton has been a snake almost her entire professional political career, and even far before that.
While I've no doubt that there are people out there that would instantly reject Clinton based on her anatomy, to say that the majority of Americans are sexist for reaching the conclusions they have about her is completely out of line. People sit back and watch Clinton blunder her way through the campaign faster than her handlers or the media can cover for her, and their main gun is to completely depart from reality like a Tumblr user, and blame her failures as our sexism.
If I was on the fence, Clinton accusing me of viewing women as something less because I'm not giving her a pass for her transgressions would seal me in with another party.
The fact is, America's distrust of Hillary doesn't stem from a social justice's favorite villain. It comes from our continuously confirmed notion that Hillary is incompetent. She went for months convincing the world that her emails were of no threat, yet in one statement, her campaign admitted that Clinton's emails were a "national security issue."
As Sean Davis writes at The Federalist:
Sullivan did not explain how the e-mails, which Clinton said were about nothing more than her “yoga routines” and wedding planning for her daughter, could possibly pose a national security risk to the United States. Sullivan also failed to explain how unclassified e-mails “private personal e-mails” wholly unrelated to her work as Secretary of State — Clinton declared in an infamous 2015 press conference that she “did not email any classified material to anyone on my email” — could compromise American security.
She lied about landing under Sniper fire in Bosnia. She lied about the cause of Benghazi, and stood by while Americans needlessly died there. She worked to destroy the women who were sexually involved with her husband in his infidelity.
And that last point is where the sexism accusation falls completely flat. Clinton is a woman who will giddily claim she's a feminist on camera, but when rubber meets road, Clinton is ready to throw anyone with a uterus under the bus, and run them over if it means a political plus.
Hillary is not being judged unfit for office because she's a woman. She's unfit for office because she's incompetent, a liar and a bully. If the media would pursue the facts with due diligence, then America would understand that her sex has little to do with the fact she does not merit consideration for the highest office in America. Her behaviour renders her unfit for office.

The Clinton machine, at the Democratic Convention, surrounded Hillary with Hollywood cheerleaders singing or preaching her divine status. Apparently, Clinton is comfortably associated with her select herd of narcissistic celebrities who are too easily willing to overlook her carelessness with regards to national security. Let's hope that when election day arrives Americans are not beguiled nor browbeaten as easily as her celebrity sycophants into buying the Clinton fantasy.


  1. Incompetent and a liar and a bully eh? The Americans are screwed either way. It's simply pick a male narcissist and a bully who loves money, or a female narcissist who lies and cheats people. Pick your bully to ruin you America.

    1. A bleak outlook, eh Julian? The few Catholic Americans in our congregation who plan to vote in November are caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. What to do?

      I find it particularly amazing that large contingents in both parties have protested the nominees. Will they drift to a third party? Libertarian?

      A house divided... .


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