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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Eye on Ottawa. Fading Freedom.

Since the Liberal Party of Canada has come to power, some changes have been made to the webpage of the Global Affairs Canada (GAC) website.
The Office of the Ambassador for Religious Freedom has been suppressed. The irony at the closing of an office dedicated to advocating for those who are oppressed because of their religion or belief is not lost on those who are aware of the genocide being perpetrated against minority populations in Syria and Iraq and elsewhere:
Trudeau, Liberal MPs Vote Against Tory Motion Declaring ISIS Atrocities As Genocide
The Freedom of Religion or Belief page now omits any link to the Office of the Ambassador for Religious Freedom. Neither is there made any mention of freedom of religion or belief on any of the "priority" pages.

Lip service is given by the Liberal Party at the following link:
The burying of concern for the inalienable right of religious freedom should come as no surprise, given the Liberal view of freedom of conscience which prohibits any member of the Liberal Party from being pro-life, a stance objected to by Edmonton Archbishop Richard Smith and identified by him as "dictatorial and contrary to fundamental human rights".
The move to suppress the religious freedom Office was anticipated by yours truly,
Given that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau banned anyone with pro-life views from his party, perhaps we shouldn't expect his government to support an office that could just as easily be seen as a threat to Trudeau's concept of liberty.—Feb. 17, 2016
and has since been reported on by several news organizations, including:
Dr. Andrew Bennett, the former Ambassador of Religious Freedom, made the move to Cardus, an independent "think tank dedicated to the renewal of North American social architecture".

Apparently, the budget for the new human rights office has been tripled to $15 million, so claims the CBC report cited above. If the priorities listed at the revised GAC site are any indication, a large portion of that money will be likely spent on promoting "women's health", i.e., abortion services:

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