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Monday, May 2, 2016

Upon this rock... 'n' roll.

Over the Edge?

The Edge, aka David Evans of U2, 
(b)acked by a choir of seven Irish teenagers, and wearing his trademark black beanie cap, (...) played acoustic guitar and sang a cover of Leonard Cohen's "If it be your will", and versions of U2 songs "Yahweh", "Ordinary love" and "Walk on".
The Edge, whose father died last month from cancer and whose daughter overcame leukemia, is on the board of foundations working for cancer prevention.
He joked with his audience, telling them he was stunned when asked to play in the chapel which was painted by Renaissance master Michelangelo in the 16th century.
"When they asked me if I wanted to become the first contemporary artist to play in the Sistine Chapel, I didn't know what to say because usually there's this other guy who sings," the musician said, referring to U2 front man Bono.
"Being Irish you learn very early that if you want to be asked to come back it's very important to thank the local parish priest for the loan of the hall," he said.
He then thanked Pope Francis and other Vatican officials "for allowing us to use the most beautiful parish hall in the world".
Quotes from around the Catholic world:
"Hey Father Elvis... The Edge just gave a concert in the Vatican... can my band book the sanctuary for a gig this Friday?" 
"Hey mom, The Edge wore his hat in church. Why can't I?"
"The cheerleaders from St. Irony Academy want to provide liturgical dance this Sunday at the 11 o'clock Mass."
"Dude... didja hear? The Vatican invited Ozzy Osbourne to play."
"Dude, no way!"
"Dude, way!"

Is The Edge a trendsetter? Will the black zucchetto make a return?

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This blogger's opinion? Good band. Fine guitarist. Wrong venue.

Many are weighing in on the concert in the Sistine Chapel. So, there is little need here to comment further.

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