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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Trudeau tolerance: beat up the Opposition.

To all the Canadians who voted for the Liberal Party of Canada, here is your government.
(T)he government filed a motion that would give Justin Trudeau unprecedented control of House procedure. “They are unilaterally disarming the opposition.” Rona Ambrose, the interim Conservative leader, said that instead of a government and an opposition, the changes would result in a government and an audience.

“How can the prime minister justify such a lack of respect for Parliament?” (Rona Ambrose, the interim Conservative Party leader and leader of the Opposition) asked in question period. 
Trudeau replied that the changes are being introduced to give MPs more time to debate legislation — a claim at odds with recent history (the Liberals shut down debate on the assisted dying bill).

Tom Mulcair, the New Democratic Party leader, also sounded the alarm, saying the Tories “on their worst day” didn’t try to stifle democracy in the way the Grits are now attempting.

“It’s childish petulance by the Liberals, who almost lost a vote this week, who are now trying to push their straitjacket on Parliament and submit to their majority will, even though that majority is only 39 per cent of Canadians,” he said.
The Canadian government is now led by an individual who made it abundantly clear prior to the last federal election that no member of his party would be permitted to vote his or her conscience. No member could be pro-life. No member would be permitted to vote his or her conscience and diverge from the Party line. Before the last election, Canadians were repeatedly provided examples—by attitudes and actions of Liberal Party members themselves—of how the Liberal Party of Canada would not conduct parliament in a fair and balanced manner. And still, Canadians voted for Trudeau and his party.

Tolerance and diversity means to the Liberal Party that everyone must conform to their irrational ideologies or risk being manhandled by the state and pressured to conform, as was recently witnessed on national television.

To those who would downplay Trudeau's behaviour in the House of Commons, such as the one Member of Parliament who at the end of the video tries to cushion the reaction to Trudeau's behaviour, the reasonable person says 'Shame on you for trying to mitigate such belligerent behaviour!'

Watch the video and decide for yourself whether or not the Trudeau government is capable of conducting the business of our country in a reasonable and dignified manner. As the altercation unfolds, witness the members of the governing Liberal Party leave their benches and swarm the Opposition members. Is this the behaviour of civilized parliamentarians, or is their behaviour—like their leader's behaviour—more akin to something we'd see from violent legislatures overseas, legislatures that are routinely ridiculed for demonstrating combative and animalistic behaviour? Is this what Canadians can look forward to for the rest of Trudeau's tenure, gangland behaviour and physical bullying by the government because the government, lacking an argument and lacking the ability to conduct itself in a respectful manner, resorts to using physical violence to compel others to embrace irrational ideologies that destroy what little is left of Canadian honour and integrity?

Recall what Archbishop Richard Smith of Edmonton said prior to the last federal election:
“This is an outrage for a man who hopes to be Prime Minister some day, to stand up on the eve of a day when thousands of people are coming out to speak in favour of the vulnerable, to speak in favour of the protection of life in the womb, to come out and slap them all in the face. I just find that absolutely outrageous.”
Smith was referring to an announcement Trudeau made Wednesday saying all Liberal candidates in the 2015 federal election will have to support the party’s pro-choice stance on abortion.
Smith referred to Trudeau’s comments as “dictatorial” and contrary to fundamental human rights.
“Here we have a man who would like to be Prime Minister some day, dictating to party members that they must vote against fundamental human rights,” he said, referring to the right to life but extending that to the right to freedom of expression and freedom of conscience.
He added the very idea of making it party policy creates a practical problem as well.
“In effect, what they’re saying is, ‘There’s no choice but pro-choice.’ That’s a contradiction in itself,” Smith said.
Congratulations Canada, you're getting exactly what you deserve: empty promises; a death sentence rather than palliative care for the suffering; stifling of conscience; a suppression of debate. To all those Catholics who voted for this son of a bully, a former prime minister known for his own strongman tactics and Machiavellian behaviour, shame on you!

Hopefully recent events will cause more than a few of the Liberal Party Members of Parliament to reevaluate their allegiance to a man and a party that permits violence to trump reason and rational debate.

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UPDATE: Addendum: Trudeau’s Tantrum, Thursday, May 19, 2016, 12:52 pm, Author: John Paul Meenan -

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