We are not just material beings, but spiritual persons with a need for meaning, purpose, and fulfillment that transcends the visible confines of this world. This longing for transcendence is a longing for truth, goodness, and beauty. Truth, goodness, and beauty are called the transcendentals of being, because they are aspects of being. Everything in existence has these transcendentals to some extent. God, of course, as the source of all truth, goodness, and beauty, has these transcendentals to an infinite degree. Oftentimes, He draws us to Himself primarily through one of these transcendentals. St. Augustine, who was drawn to beauty in all its creaturely forms, found the ultimate beauty he was seeking in God, his creator, the beauty “ever ancient, ever new.”―Sister Gabriella Yi, O.P.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Artist Yan Zu—converted to the Faith through illuminated manuscripts.

Mr. Clayton recounts the conversion of Chinese artist Yan Zu to the Catholic Faith: CLICK HERE for link to NLM article.

Yan Zu

In the midst of Mr. Clayton's review is also the following interesting observation:
Christian culture also reflects the Faith, which is universal - that is, it is true for all people. So I would say that traditional Western European culture, for example, looks as it does because it is Christian and to a large degree would have looked the same if it had originated in the southern tip of Africa. This being so, and to the degree that any art form is Christian, it will speak to people in all ages and places. This means, therefore, that exporting Western European culture (or Christian Eastern European culture, or Christian Middle Eastern culture for that matter) to the rest of the world is not cultural imperialism, as some might suggest. Nobody forced Yan down this route, she was attracted to it and chose to follow. She is responding to a gift, freely given. It is called evangelization!
The art that attracted Yan Zu and which led to her conversion is of a kind that models the obvious: the beautiful, the true and the good.

The West, saddled with the work of "artists" formed in the nihilism of a generation lost to despair and self loathing, is long overdue for a restoration of classical values that will guide a renewal of civilization.

Chinese websites:

Welcome home to Yan Zu!

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