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Saturday, April 16, 2016

The reason why the Ordinariate Mass is celebrated in a manner superior to the common celebration of the Ordinary Form is... .

In a word or two, the reason why the Ordinariate Mass (Divine Worship: the Missal) is celebrated in a manner far superior to the common celebration of the Ordinary Form liturgy is... Ordinariate priests and people care about the Mass. As an Ordinary Former Catholic who has attended several Ordinariate liturgies of late, my experience of moving among members of the local Ordinariate group, the Fellowship of Blessed John Henry Newman, has confirmed that they are very much aware of the true nature of the Mass and they act accordingly. They adhere to the rubrics, rubrics which enable people to enter into a solemn, reverent, beautiful and awe inspiring worship of God.

Attend an Ordinariate Mass and witness the authentic participation envisioned by the Second Vatican Council. Clearly, God is first and foremost (as all true worship should have God), front and centre so-to-speak, in Ordinariate liturgies.

Thanks be to God for Papa Benedict XVI's provision of the Ordinariate which has brought a gift into the Church which is an oasis of goodness wherein all Catholics may sit at the feet of the Lord and clearly hear His voice and humbly receive His Body and Blood in Holy Communion.

Let us pray that many more Catholic priests will learn the path of authentic worship and thereby offer the Ordinary Form in a manner that is God-centred and conducive to the reverent worship of God.

P.S.—and a very happy (belated) birthday to our beloved Pope-Emeritus!


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  2. Thank you so much for your post.

    As a priest who celebrates according to both rites back to back on a Sunday, there is definitely a difference in how I feel performing each, not only in terms of the direction but also prioritisation.

    In the OF, as Celebrant versus populum, I sometimes feel the centre of attention, to the extent people complain if they can't see everything I'm doing, thus heightening the versus aspect quite handily. So, at least ostensibly, the principals whom I am addressing and to whom I must give an account are the populum assisting at Mass.

    The other Three Persons involved can thus seem a bit tertiary in a number of ways.


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