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Friday, February 19, 2016

Pope Francis said what?!! Marcel at Aggie Catholic sets the record straight.

Let not your hearts be troubled... .

Never failing to disappoint, the mainstream muddlers have yet again twisted the Holy Father's words to suit their own disordered agendas.

Media Pablum

The old and new media are abuzz over a pope-said-media-heard exchange concerning Pope Francis' comments during his return trip from Mexico to Rome. 

You know the drill. Comments were made by the Holy Father during one of those inflight media pressers when the Pope says something the mainstream media is incapable of understanding and accurately reporting because they lack the journalistic wherewithal to dive deeply into the subject matter. Instead of serving up substance we get mere froth from the regressive left... again.

An instructive essay at Aggie Catholic blog provides a much needed perspective on the matter of the Pope's manipulated comments.

The essay by Marcel at Aggie Catholic blog can be found at the link below:
UPDATE Feb. 20th

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf (WDTPRS), master sleuth, fact-checker and debunker of urban/global legends and lies, has posted an article which contradicts a reference made (in Marcel's essay) to Blessed Pope Paul VI's alleged permission given to nuns to use contraceptives.

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