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Saturday, February 13, 2016

'Lone wolf' terror attack on Israeli Christian Arab owned restaurant?

Harming the homeland.
At least four people were injured in a machete attack at an Ohio restaurant before police shot and killed the suspect Thursday night.
The FBI and Columbus police are working to piece together a motive behind the attack, which includes running down the possibility that this was a terror-related incident, a law enforcement source tells Fox News. The attacker was identified as Mohammad (or Mohamed) Barry, a separate law enforcement source familiar with the investigation said.
The attack occurred at Nazareth Restaurant and Deli, a Mediterranean eatery, in Columbus. Police said the man walked into the restaurant, had a conversation with an employee and left.
About a half hour later, the attacker returned, approached a man and a woman at a table near the doorway and started his rampage.
According to news reports, people in the restaurant drove off their attacker by throwing chairs at him.
Columbus police identified the suspected attacker as Mohamed Barry, 30.
The suspected attacker has a Somali background, and officials believe he may have traveled to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in 2012. Law enforcement is concerned that this incident has the hallmarks of the type of so-called “lone wolf” terrorist attack that they have been working to stop, Pegues reports.—BEFOREITSNEWS/CBS
Mr. Hany Baransi, the restaurant owner, is according to WND a Christian Arab from Israel.
"Obviously we were targeted because there's a whole bunch of businesses around here... I'm the only foreigner."—FoxNews/The Columbus Dispatch
Video interview with Mr. Baransi:
“I'm the minor, minor, minor minority of the minorities. So nobody likes me anyways. But... thank God we are in America."—Hany Baransi.
WND identifies Mr. Barry, the assailant as a Somali muslim.
More than 99 percent of Somali refugees are Sunni Muslims, and the FBI has confirmed that at least 40 young Somali men have left their adopted homeland since 2007 to join the ranks of foreign terrorist organizations including al-Shabab in Somalia and ISIS in Syria. Dozens more have been charged and convicted of providing material support to overseas terrorists [Raymond/Reuters].— citation source/link.

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