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Friday, February 5, 2016

Conversation snapshot

CS—"I do not want to go to Mass today."
XP—"Why is that?"
CS—"Lord, I cannot bear what is done to your face, your face in the sacred Liturgy, every Sunday. I cannot bear how they bruise and batter Your Most Holy Face by watering down the Liturgy to the level of some cheap form of entertainment: songs and prayers which attempt to manipulate Your will to conform to the will of your creatures; omitting the Proper texts (Introit, Offertory and Communion chants) which speak so eloquently about Your nature and the character of each Mass; people receiving Holy Communion as if Your sacred Body is a convenience store snack; priests omitting parts of the Mass as if they possessed the right to make changes in the Mass which Holy Mother Church, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, has given us... ."
XP—"Well, my bruised face and torn body that is the Mass which you want to avoid is the same bruised and torn body which suffered for your salvation."
CS—"Yes, Lord, I know. I admit, I could have easily been among the disciples who turned their back on You when You, contrary to the expectations of most of Your people, chose the path of sacrificial love instead of becoming Judas' political messiah. If you can bear the attacks to which You are subjected each week, each day, each hour, then I humbly beseech You, grant me the grace to overcome my reluctance to go to Mass even while I am repulsed by the abuses committed against You, the manifold attacks committed by those who receive Your Body and Blood with apparent indifference to Your Presence. Attacks by those who routinely arrive late to Mass and who then leave as soon as they have received Holy Communion, as if the same could barely stand to be in Your Presence a minute longer."
XP—"And so, you pray for your brothers and sisters. I send My Holy Spirit to strengthen you and to entice the hearts of the indifferent to abandon their bland faith, so that they may awaken to My Presence and enjoy the life, grace and joy I desire to give all those who trust in My will and who respect the gift of Myself which I have entrusted to My Church. Look past the sins of men who seek to conform the Mass to their base instincts, and find Me, your Lord Who is present in distressing disguise.
CS—"Your word is my command, O Lord."

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