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Monday, January 18, 2016

Wobbly lobby confirmed by Cardinal. The reform of the Curia.

The Honduran Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, coordinates the Council of Nine cardinals that advises Pope Francis on the reform of the Roman Curia. Cardinal Maradiaga, responding to a reporter's inquiry, acknowledged that subject for which many "fringe" bloggers have previously been dismissed for using hyperbole to describe it. A few prominent voices in the blogosphere have been accused of and therefore ridiculed for disseminating conspiracy theories about a formerly nonexistent cabal of wobbly lobbyists who have taken up residence in the Vatican. Isn't it funny, as in 'strange', how some conspiracies may seem wildly fantastical but are, in fact, true?

The respected National Catholic Register has published an article by Edward Pentin, journalist par excellence, which reads in part:
The Pope acknowledged the presence of a homosexual network of priests at the Vatican during a private conversation with leaders of a Latin American confederation of religious in June 2013. In the context of saying he found reform of the Roman Curia difficult, the Pope said: "The 'gay lobby' is mentioned, and it is true, it is there … We need to see what we can do."
He alluded to it again a month later, telling reporters on the plane back from Rio de Janeiro that “you must distinguish between the fact of a person being gay and the fact of someone forming a lobby, because not all lobbies are good. This one is not good.”
A homosexual lobby was also suspected to have been influential on both Synods on the Family when controversial passages relating to homosexuals made their way into the interim report during the 2014 meeting despite being hardly discussed, and external lobby groups sought to pressure the participants.
There was also a common perception that the Communion for remarried divorcees issue, which dominated both synods, was a “Trojan horse” to allow Church recognition of same-sex relationships and other extra-marital unions.
—Edward Pentin, NCR: source/link

Cardinal Rodriguez: Homosexual Lobby Exists in the Vatican. Honduran cardinal also rules out the Pope ever supporting same-sex 'marriage', saying the "natural law cannot be reformed".
"(N)ot all lobbies are good. This one is not good.”

So then, a senior cardinal of the Holy Roman Church has made it clear that there are individuals who have attempted to co-opt or corrupt the Church's message, i.e., the Church's call to conversion in Christ and the call to newness of life.
[SIDEBAR] It may be prudent to recall Synod pressers during which time disproportionate attention was given by official Synod media representatives to certain subjects that were not as important to discussions as some in the Synod and Synod media corp would like us to believe. Were it not for timely and substantive briefs (Tweets, etc.) by faithful Synod Fathers countering the highly biased press releases issued by Synod media representatives, perceptions about the content of the discussions taking place would likely have been skewed to such a degree that correction of the misrepresentations of Synod discussions would have been nearly useless after the fact.
Undoubtedly, in light of Cardinal Maradiaga's revelations, some in the blogosphere will call for swift and decisive action to be taken to purify the Curia of those who are unwilling to faithfully serve Christ and His Church. Not a bad idea, really. However, we all know that the Vatican moves slowly, often with good reason, before changes are enacted. For many, however, reform cannot come quickly enough to a bureaucracy long plagued with liabilities created by corrupt agendas that cling like barnacles to the hull of the Barque of Peter. The Church must take appropriate time to discern how best to eliminate corruption without crushing souls. May God's mercy and justice, for the good of all souls, permit an expedient resolution to matters regarding the reform of the Curia and Church governance.

“(Y)ou must distinguish between the fact of a person being gay (same-sex-attracted or SSA) and the fact of someone forming a lobby".

As the Cardinal alluded to in the media scrum, there is an important difference between the pastoral care of a same-sex-attracted individual or individuals who, on the one hand, are faithful to the Magisterium and, on the other, dealing with a network that seeks to undermine the Church. In the case of the former, the dignity of the person or persons requires absolute respect and mercy. In the case of the latter, the sooner such pernicious networks can be dismantled the better.

Some members of the priesthood may be right to be worried about their jobs.

In all likelihood, individuals belonging to the network identified by Cardinal Maradiaga and who continue to actively promote dissent from Church teaching will be excused from service as soon as 1) all or most of the obstinate have been identified and 2) replacements can be found who behave in a manner consistent with that of a truly faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. It's not enough to pull up weeds by the stems. The entire root must be pulled out and dealt with in order to prevent the weed from growing back and choking out plants that bear good fruit.

The alchemy of turning silence, which is golden, into lead.

Thus far the response from the drive-by media regarding Cardinal Maradiaga's controversial comments has been rather muted. Are liberal media pundits merely taking a little extra time to sharpen the lead of their pencils before challenging Cardinal Maradiaga's exposé? Are the media speculating about Pope Francis' next move and pondering how to best shape the narrative to fit their version of the 'Francis Effect'?

The restorative actions to enhance the reform of the Curia to be taken by the Holy Father under the advisement of the Council of Nine will probably be seen as precedent setting and will therefore gradually extend to all dioceses.
Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the earth.
O, God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy His consolations, Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.


  1. John Allen Jr and his associates at Crux are trying to do damage control for the homosexualist juggernaut in Rome and across the world. needless to say, God draws good out of evil, as in trying to cover for homosexuals, they are actually exposing them all the more.

    1. Crux confirmed early on its inability to represent accurately necessary distinctions that should be foundational for any publication calling itself Catholic. That is, Crux writers routinely obfuscate, for example, the distinction between the pastoral care of same-sex-attracted persons who are faithful Catholics on the one hand and on the other the rejection of agendas imposed on the Church by lobbyists identified by Cardinal Maradiaga and many others, agendas which constitute a threat to the well being of Catholics.

      Allen Jr's online rag is nothing more than a repeat of that tabloid abomination the National (c)atholic Reporter.


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