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Sunday, December 20, 2015

No room for the inn: list of churches destroyed in Syria.

Christmas approaches. Most Assyrian Christians living in Syria and Iraq cannot worship in peace. If they have a church in which to celebrate Holy Mass, one wonders how much longer the building and the community for which it is home will survive.

The many who have had their churches destroyed, where then do they worship? Many are on the run from their oppressors. Many are huddled in makeshift shelters in refugee camps. They, far better than us, understand the hardship the Holy Family embraced when compelled by an occupying force to leave their homes to register in a census in a distant town. Recall, after the birth of Jesus, the Holy Family had to flee from the despotic King Herod's envy and wrath.

As we enjoy our forthcoming Christmas celebrations, feasting and opening gifts in our relatively comfortable surroundings free from threat, we would do well to give thanks for the blessings of home and religious freedom. As you pray during Mass, call to mind what our brothers and sisters in Christ must be going through. Pray for them. If you haven't already, please consider a donation to a relief organization [link]. Help sponsor an Assyrian refugee family from Syria and Iraq.
List of Assyrian and Other Churches Destroyed in Syria
2015-12-13 02:15 GMT
St. Mary's Assyrian Church in the northeastern Syrian village of Tal Nasri, destroyed by ISIS. (AINA) 
The following is a list of Assyrian churches and monasteries in Syria that have been destroyed by ISIS and other Muslim groups. Also included is a list of non-Assyrian churches that have been destroyed.
Attacks on Christians in Syria began almost immediately after the Syrian civil war began. The attacks have targeted villages, churches monasteries and the clergy, and have been perpetrated by Al-Qaeda, The Al-Nusra Front, ISIS and other Muslim groups.
Destroyed Assyrian Churches

ISIS destroyed 11 churches and villages, rendering some villages uninhabitable.

  • Tel Nasri, St. Mary Church
  • Tel Jazirah, St. John Church 
  • Tel Shamiram, St. Bishu Church
  • Tel Talaa, St. Sleewa Church 
  • Abu Tena, St. Shimun Church 
  • Qabr Shamiya, St. Qoryaqos Church 
  • Tel Baloaa, St. Shimon Church 
  • Kharita, St. Shimun Church 
  • Tel Meghada, St. Qoryaqos Church 
  • Tel Tal, St. Odisho Church
  • Tel Hormizd, Raban Pityou Church
List of attacks on Assyrians in Syria by ISIS and other muslim groups:
  2. 2015-12-12 Funeral Held for Assyrians Killed By ISIS Bombing in Syria
  3. 2015-12-11 Three Car Bombs Explode in Assyrian Town in Syria, 50 Killed
  4. 2015-12-09 ISIS Release 25 Assyrian Hostages in Syria
  5. 2015-11-24 ISIS Release 10 Assyrian Hostages in Syria
  6. 2015-11-07 ISIS Release 37 Assyrian Hostages in Syria
  7. 2015-11-04 Bodies of Three Assyrians Killed Fighting ISIS Recovered
  8. 2015-10-14 ISIS Release 50 Assyrians Captured in Qaryatain, Syria
  9. 2015-10-08 ISIS Execute Three Assyrians in Syria
  10. 2015-09-16 4 Assyrians Killed in Hasaka Car Bombing
  11. 2015-09-04 ISIS Release 15 Assyrians Captured in Qaryatain, Syria
  12. 2015-08-21 ISIS Destroys 5th Century Assyrian Monastery in Syria
  13. 2015-08-11 ISIS Release 22 Assyrian Hostages in Syria
  14. 2015-08-07 ISIS Captures 250 Assyrians in Syria
  15. 2015-06-18 Video Shows Massive Destruction in Liberated Assyrian Village in Syria
  16. 2015-06-17 ISIS Release Assyrian Hostage in Syria
  17. 2015-05-28 ISIS Destroys Churches, Loots Houses in Syria
  18. 2015-05-26 ISIS Release Two Assyrian Hostages in Syria, All 35 Assyrian Villages Liberated
  19. 2015-05-01 ISIS Demands $23 Million for Assyrian Hostages, Vigil Held in Australia
  20. 2015-04-29 ISIS Bombs Assyrian, Armenian Churches in Syria
  21. 2015-04-23 Assyrian Military Leader Killed in Syria
  22. 2015-04-05 ISIS Destroys Assyrian Church in Syria
Click HERE for additional information/incidents. 

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