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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

From Femen activist to pro-life Christian

Ultra-feminist founder of Femen Brazil declares herself pro-life, apologizes to Christians 
Sara Winter once bared her chest for Femen. Now she’s fighting for the unborn 
December 28, 2015 ( – Sara Fernanda Giromin first made herself known to Brazil and to the world under the alias “Sara Winter” in 2012, when she became the founding member of Femen Brazil, and led a trio of girls in a number of topless protests that garnered much media attention. However, only three years later, the young activist has done an about-face and has declared war on feminism and abortion, and is apologizing to Christians for her offensive behavior. She has also published a short book detailing the abuse and disappointment she suffered at the hands of fellow feminists.
Deo gratias for the conversion of a young woman—the founder of FemenBrazil—who has since her involvement with said group made a 180º turn toward the Light.

Pray for Sara. Pray that she may be strengthened and blessed with an abiding knowledge of God's love. May she be granted every grace to help her continue to embrace with zeal her new life of authentic love and true joy. May her apology and conversion be accepted without reservation and serve to remind all that God changes hearts and that we who celebrate this Jubilee Year of Mercy may listen to her story with humility and loving acceptance. May each of us be reminded of the need for constant conversion.

Pray especially for Sara's former associates that they, too, may turn away from cruel and indecent activism and instead defend our unborn sisters and brothers who desperately need the protection every society can and should muster.
Sarah Winter (Sara Fernanda Giromin): website [Portuguese]
Men and women, former abortion practitioners, often become the most eloquent witnesses to life and hope.

We must never stop praying for those in most need of the mercy of God. God can rescue even the most diehard pro-abortion supporter from the trap that so many people in the abortion industry find themselves. We must pray with confidence but without condescension. We are all sinners in need of God's grace in Jesus Christ.

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