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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What you always knew. New data sets confirm that academia, Hollywood and the media are dominated by liberals.

h/t Catholic Legate

From the Business Insider website:
It turns out there is quantitative proof academia, Hollywood, and the media (in the USA) actually are dominated by liberals.

In a data set provided to Business Insider, the non-partisan political analytics firm Crowdpac used information about federal campaign contributions dating back to 1980 to determine the political biases of various professions. Crowdpac found the entertainment industry, news media, and academia were among the most liberal professions in America.

Crowdpac CEO and co-founder Steve Hilton noted this data matches with perceptions about Hollywood and the media.

"In compiling all this data, and building these tools, we have the opportunity to shine some light on the political system and reveal some interesting insights and trends," Hilton said. "For example, our real data conforms with the claims that have been circulated about the extremely liberal profile of the entertainment and media sectors."
Given Canada's close association with American media, entertainment and academic life to a point of near cultural homogeneity, there is little reason to doubt the accuracy of the average Canadians' perceptions that there is a liberal bias in the same areas in Canadian society and culture.

Where there is bias, there is cause for blame. If society is showing signs of moral decay, and Canadian society surely is, perhaps responsibility for said descent into social instability (e.g., breakdown of the family) should be assigned to those who have acquired influence in society. In other words, those with influence should assume responsibility since they have engineered the trajectory most social institutions have taken.

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