So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter (2 Thess. 2:15). Guard what has been entrusted to you. Avoid the godless chatter and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge, for by professing it some have missed the mark as regards faith (1 Tim. 6:21-22).

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Documenting concern and legit complaints about the problematic Latin Mass Society of the US & Canada.


It's been a busy week or two in the blogosphere concerning the exposure of a group founded by an individual who appears to be sliding into a serious mess primarily of his own making.

Founded by Anthony Perlas, the LMSociety (, also known as the Latin Mass Society of the United States and Canada, is causing many Latin Mass enthusiasts serious concern.

The site should not be confused with the legitimate Latin Mass Society of Canada and/or the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales.

A Chorus of Concern

Ample airtime has been given to the subject by informed bloggers who have weighed in:
  • 1Peter5 [link]
  • Fr. Z [link]
  • Servimus Unum Deum (Toronto) [link]
  • Diane M. Korzeniewski Twitter feed [link] and at her blog Te Deum Laudamus [link]
  • Chairman of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales [link].
The Archdiocese of Detroit has weighed in, too:
The Department of Communications has recently been made aware of concerns involving an Oakland County-based photographer, Anthony Raphael Perlas, who also presents himself as Anthony Tridentine and as the leader of the Latin Mass Society. That society—not to be confused with the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales—is not affiliated or approved by the Archdiocese of Detroit.
Leading the choir, 1Peter5 author Steve Skojec has posted the following transcription of an item from the Facebook page of the contentious Latin Mass Society/US & C.
The Latin Mass Society never runs from their enemies. It is here that we shall make our stand until our last dying breathe. All the nations of the earth shall see the power and glory of the Seroptia. There is no creation more powerful than the highest of all angels whom we possess. Modeling and Catholicism shall be infused into one flawless medium. I hereby place my hand unto the Great Seal of Seroptia and authorize and establish hedge protection on Jenelle and all our models and render her works as good in Jesus’s name. All negativity shall be returned to where they came from and you are bounded by the Great Seal of Seroptia with the intercession of the Blessed Mary Ever A Virgin. The saints command you to obey. Father commands you to obey. Our lady (sic) commands you to obey. Our models are now wrapped in her mantle and as her property. The Holy Ghost shall bring warmth with its tender loving presence and thou shall be discorded and unhappy you envious enemy. Kneel and be crushed by the heel of the Immaculate Virgin foul creature and haters who blaspheme Gods precious Angels who are meant to know, love and serve Him and who seek Him yet you cause division to turn our models away from God. You’re stripped off all your interferences and you are powerless.
Signs of... ?

Speaking of the Great Seal of Seroptia, Fr. Z has posted the following nasty image:

Click on image to Enlarge

The image alone is damning evidence that should compel people to avoid an association with or any of its related sites. Catholics should, in no uncertain terms, condemn Mr. Perlas' Seal, an image which is also likely to cause serious concern among our Jewish brothers and sisters.

Background & Associations

The originator of the, and its sister site known as the The Order of Seroptia (OoS) [link] and the allied Facebook page Seroptic Models [link], is, as mentioned at the outset of this post, Mr. Anthony Perlas, a.k.a. Anthony Tridentine, a.k.a. Anthony Raphael Perlas, a photographer by trade who has published questionable images that have been described as pornographic and/or risque.
About Anthony Raphael Perlas [link] (posted by Perlas?)
An award-winning Catholic serial entrepreneur, Anthony Raphael Perlas is the founder of four timeless new media technology organizations, including the Latin Mass Society of the United States and Canada. He is sponsored by Microsoft’s prestigious BizSpark program, a selective program that sponsors promising startups and entrepreneurs. Mr. Perlas is head of Seroptics Corporation, an advertising and modeling agency, as well as a wedding photography business called Anthony Raphael Perlas Photography ( that specializes in Latin Mass weddings. He is also part of the invite-only Catholic Leadership Conference and won a first place national award for the Catholic Press Association in 2013 for the highest circulation category. [See also:]
Mr. Skojec asks; Mr. Perlas answers:
I wrote to Anthony. I asked him what it (Seroptia) meant. He became immediately defensive (...). I asked him about “Seroptia.” What is it? Where’d he get that from? He told me it was the guardian angel of the Latin Mass Society. I asked him how he knows that’s the name of an angel. “Revelation brother,” he said. “Through prayer.”
The following text appears on the main-page of the OoS site:

"Fortunately, it just so happens that the assigned spirit that we have for the Latin Mass Society of the United States is the great guardian spirit named “Seroptia” from the Choir of Seraphims (sic) the Highest of all Angels."Anthony Raphael Perlas, 2015.
No angel by the name of Seroptia is mentioned in Holy Scripture, nor does the name appear in the writings of any orthodox Church Father or apparition approved by the Church.

It should be noted that Mr. Perlas has refused the counsel of a concerned priest and has blocked social media communications between himself and anyone who challenges his behaviour.

A strong sign that someone is at risk of diabolical deception is that he or she refuses to submit his/her spiritual experiences to the authority of Holy Mother Church for the purposes of discerning the origin of any locutions, visions, etc.

Mr. Perlas' strange behaviour, as evidenced in his writings and tendency to isolate himself by blocking online communications, may indicate a need for deeper discernment than perhaps that which Mr. Perlas is prepared to engage.

It should be noted that self isolation is a common occurrence among those experiencing a serious spiritual crisis and may indicate the person is afflicted, to a greater or lesser degree, by demonic oppression.
If one meddles with demonic forces without the special protection that comes from a calling from God it can lead to depression, isolation, suicidal or homicidal thoughts, obsession with demons, delusions of power or control of demons, or ultimately working for evil.—Adam Blai, Peritus, Demonologist.
Mr. Perlas may not have knowingly meddled with demonic forces. He may, however, have strayed into an association with a dark power by allowing pride to cloud his judgement enough to permit a sinister influence to brush up against his soul, so-to-speak, and fuel his pride, thus preventing him from seeing more clearly the changes in behaviour that his (former) friends and associates have witnessed and commented upon.

Mr. Perlas' behaviour is drawing the concern of caring people who are witnessing changes in him that could also negatively impact the spiritual well being of others, especially the well being of his closest associates.

Make no mistake, when one encounters Anthony Perlas in person out of the blue at a parish function, or a young adult event for Catholics, or following Mass, outside an Adoration chapel, he comes across as a charming, devout Catholic who is enthusiastic about the faith and the Latin Mass. It doesn't take five minutes in perusing his website and Facebook page to see all sorts of red flags. This may not have been the case just a few months ago when the photos were more benign. In many cases, people may work with him and never check him out online. He likes to take selfies with people he meets. Don't do it.
If the background information provided at 1Peter5 is accurate, and there is little reason to doubt the veracity of Mr. Skojec's presentation, nor is there reason to deny the witness of Fr. J Fryar, FSSP, whose letter is worth a slow read, it may be that Mr. Perlas' has fallen under the influence of a demon masquerading as an angel. Another possibility, of course, is that Seroptia is merely the product of Mr. Perlas' overactive imagination. Given Mr. Perlas' obsessive defence of what might be a creative concoction, that possibility appears to be a diminishing consideration in the minds of those closest to him.

Additional Signs. Dangling Threads.

The Greek letter delta is featured prominently at Mr. Perlas' sites. Perhaps Mr. Perlas means to refer to 'Deus', i.e., God. However, that notion is contradicted by the inclusion of the swastika (Hakenkreuz) in the centre of the delta.

'D', as in devil or demon?

Perhaps Mr. Perlas is coming more and more under the influence of a dark power. A dark power, one might add, that takes delight in the confusion it sows through an unsuspecting human.

The drift in Mr. Perlas' writings is worthy of note. To insist that one has received, through private revelation no less, the name of a sponsoring angel of the highest order (i.e., a seraph) is to invite suspicion. With respect to his claims of angelic assistance, a healthy dose of skepticism is missing from Mr. Perlas' discernment.

It is understandable that someone might hesitate sharing his or her experiences with another person for fear of being labelled irrational or (perhaps inaccurately) labelled as suffering from some kind of mental disconnect.

For the sake of his or her spiritual well being, however, a person of faith shouldn't hesitate to discuss his or her spiritual experiences with a priest, especially when those experiences are of a kind one might consider extraordinary or of a preternatural origin.

Moses or Perlas?
Commandment #20. cf. by Dr. Edward Feser.

In the meantime... .

Given Fr. Z's justifiable repudiation of Mr. Perlas' web content, it seems entirely reasonable to suggest that Fr. Z and others may wish to have their names removed from the OoS site:
UPDATE Nov. 4/15: most of the images have now been removed.

An excellent website long featured here at this blog has also had a run-in with Mr Perlas.
Posted on October 19, 2015
Veils by Lily ( is appalled but not surprised at the recent photos and comments posted by the Latin Mass Society Facebook page run by Anthony "Tridentine" Perlas.
Earlier this year, we completely severed ties with both the Latin Mass Society and Mr. Perlas after seeing the tone that some of Mr. Perlas's posts, photos, and videos had begun to take. We are no longer affiliated in any way.
Wear the Veil Day
Up until yesterday, Veils by Lily was under the impression that Lily Beck Wilson, founder and president of Veils by Lily, was the only listed organizer for the "Wear the Veil 2015" Facebook event page. A screen shot from another Facebook user revealed that Mr. Perlas had, in fact, blocked Mrs. Wilson and unbeknownst to her, was still listed as an organizer. That event has been deleted.
We encourage all faithful Catholics to promote our new event, "Wear a Veil to Mass Day 2015." For more information, please visit This event is not affiliated in any way with the Latin Mass Society or Mr. Perlas.
Lily Beck Wilson, (636) 223-0776 |
Friends' Final Warning

1Peter5 concludes his article with the following sage advice:
Be aware of the dangers here. Disassociate yourself with their Facebook page. Unfollow him on Twitter and Instagram. Warn your parishes about him, especially if you’re in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area where he now resides. Now is as good a time as any to remind your daughters that just because a guy looks like he has solid Catholic bona fides doesn’t mean he is to be trusted. In my experience, that’s a message that can’t be repeated to our girls often enough.
And please, pray for this young man and his models. I don’t think he started out with bad intentions. Something has changed in him since I first interacted with him seven months ago. Something drastic and tragic. He still thinks he is honoring God, but his idea of God has become warped into a mockery of what is holy.
Let us hope and pray that Mr. Perlas will face and embrace with humility the concern expressed for him and the criticism expressed against his questionable writings. At the very least, he should consider the consequences of conflating authentic beauty with tawdry photographic representations.

Mr. Perlas wouldn't be the first person to blur the line (in his own mind) between art and pornography. He wouldn't be the first person to misread and/or misapply Pope Saint John Pauls' Theology of the Body.


While we should not go looking for a demon behind every rock, it is prudent to be vigilant and to offer prayers daily for the protection of our brothers and sisters who are most prone to assault by the devil.

+ + +
St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan, and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.
O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. 

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