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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Christians persecuted in Britain: Nissar Hussain, convert to Christianity, beaten and hospitalized. Family lives in constant fear.

Little or no justice for convert and his family abandoned by police.

Telegraph & Argus | Convert attacked outside his home.
The 49-year-old was about to get into his car to safely park it outside Lawcroft House Police Station when he was attacked by two hooded men who got out of a car which pulled up on the other side of the road.
One beat him with a pickaxe handle, while the other used punches and kicks.
Caught on Mr Hussain's home CCTV, the attack lasts 13 seconds and he is struck 13 times with the pickaxe handle.
Speaking from his hospital bed, Mr Hussain said: "I left the house to move my car when a vehicle pulled up and these thugs got out. [link/source]
Catholic Herald [link]
Daily Mail [link]
Bradford Argus [link]
Former Muslim in Bradford is beaten up for converting to Christianity
A Bradford man has been brutally assaulted by a gang after converting from Islam to Christianity.
Father-of-six Nissar Hussain was left needing surgery after the group broke his kneecap and hand on Wednesday, with a pickaxe handle being used by one of the assailants.
Mr Hussain, 49, is recovering in hospital after the attacks, which follow a long line of incidents following his family’s conversion to Christianity over a decade ago. Mr Hussain has said that he and his family are virtual prisoners in their home as a consequence.
He told the Bradford Argus: “We are under the cosh and classed as blasphemers. The Muslim community are largely decent people but because of the taboo of converting to Christianity we are classed by them as scum and second-class citizens.
“Most of the Muslim community here have turned a blind eye to what we are going through. There are some who have condoned it but there are also those who are directly committing hate crimes against us.”
Before the attacks Mr Hussain told The Catholic Herald that despite his persecution he had received little help from police or churches.
“There needs to be an awakening among churches. We have found ourselves in no man’s land. There is a lack of cultural understanding about what it costs people such as ourselves. We are classed as apostates.”
He said he had “three cars written off” and “regular drive-by bricks thrown through the window. Kids couldn’t play in the back garden for five years.”
Police, he said, told him: “Stop trying to be crusader and move out of your area.”
Mr Hussain, who had to give up his job as a nurse because of the stress of the campaign, has said the family will have to move to a white English area to escape the intimidation.
 From the MailOnline:
CCTV (...) captured the moment a father-of-six was brutally set upon by hooded thugs with a pickaxe handle outside his home because he converted from Islam to Christianity.

Nissar Hussain, from Bradford, suffered a broken kneecap, a fractured forearm and a concussion in the attack on Tuesday.
The 49-year-old is currently in Bradford Royal Infirmary following surgery after the unprovoked assault outside his home in Manningham.
Mr Hussain has said his family has been living in fear since they appeared in a Channel 4 documentary about the mistreatment of Muslim converts in 2008.
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He also criticised the Anglican Church for failing to provide any meaningful support [link].
Background information [link].

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