So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter (2 Thess. 2:15). Guard what has been entrusted to you. Avoid the godless chatter and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge, for by professing it some have missed the mark as regards faith (1 Tim. 6:21-22).

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fear not, the Lord is near!

Silly Talk

Thanks to the internet, we have access to information by the train load. The volume of information is too much for one person to digest alone. Of that Everest of information, much is disturbing for Catholics and people of goodwill. Should we engage the flood of information that is, at times, overwhelming? No, and yes.
  • No, we should not let every murder, act of depravity or inhuman conduct perpetrated against the innocent crush us into despair.
  • Yes, we should read, pray and act by casting a wide net to enlist others in the plight of the faithful to defend life and the dignity of every human person from conception to natural death, to defend truth, justice and inalienable freedoms which come from God.

While other ecclesial communities have abandoned the Apostolic Faith, the Catholic Church, that is, the Church founded by Christ upon Saint Peter, has weathered every storm. Yes, the Barque of Peter, the good ship Holy Mother Church, has found herself in some terrifying situations. She has been steered dangerously close to the reefs which have claimed lesser vessels. The Anglican Communion and the many dinghies floated since the protestant mutiny have now been dashed against the world, and the world (of abortion, contraception, faux-marriage and adultery) has claimed its victory over them. Former allies, half-hearted though they were, now collaborate fully with the enemy. Not even the non-Catholic eastern Churches have avoided the temptation to drift freely toward the sirens of divorce and remarriage, contraception, etc. Not so the Catholic Church.
The Eastern Church split off from Rome and the Catholic Church on at least six occasions before 1054:
The Arian schisms (343-98)
The controversy over St. John Chrysostom (404-415)
The Acacian schism (484-519)
Concerning Monothelitism (640-681)
Concerning Iconoclasm (726-87 and 815-43)
This adds up to 231 out of 500 years in schism (46% of the time)! In every case, Rome was on the right side of the debate in terms of what was later considered "orthodox" by both sides. Thus, the East clearly needed the West and the papacy and Rome in order to be ushered back to orthodoxy. 
Final Court of Appeal

The Roman See, with its bishop, the pope, was the supreme arbiter of orthodoxy in the Church universal in the early centuries. There is abundant historical evidence for this, but suffice it to say that even many of the East's most revered Church Fathers and Patriarchs sought refuge in Rome (theologically and/or geographically), for example: St. Athanasius (339 to 342), St. Basil the Great (371), St. John Chrysostom (404), St. Cyril of Alexandria (430), and St. Flavian of Constantinople (449). The East all too frequently treated its greatest figures much like the ancient Jews did their prophets, often expelling and exiling them, while Rome welcomed them unambiguously, and restored them to office by the authority of papal or conciliar decree.
Many of these venerable saints (particularly St. John Chysostom), and other Eastern saints such as (most notably) St. Ephraim, St. Maximus the Confessor, and St. Theodore of Studios, also explicitly affirmed papal supremacy. The popes functioned as the "supreme court" of the Church, and they presided over (personally or through papal legates) and ratified the Ecumenical Councils of the Church. One may argue that this was mere custom or a particularly "pragmatic," "governmental" aspect of the primacy of honor, but whatever view one takes, the historical facts of the papacy as "final court of appeal" are undeniable. [source]

The gates of Rome are being stormed again by barbarians seeking to overcome her, to return her to an ancient whoredom and a ruinous debauchery prior to the advent of the martyrs whose blood washed her clean and transformed a pagan empire into a holy one. If Rome is, once again, becoming a den of iniquity, it is because God permits it as He has done so in the past to draw close the enemies of Holy Mother Church in order to save those among them who realize they have been in bed with the enemy all along. Souls will be lost, however, because they prefer the company of demons to the children of light (h/t Vox and Witness).

... and balderdash.

God is always infiltrating the enemy's camp. God became man so that He could become the camp, the camp wherein the enemy would attempt to lay hold of the Son of Man. Jesus resisted temptation, and so Satan tried to destroy Him. Satan thought he had won.

When the enemy lays siege to even the holiest of places, God's spies wait patiently in the midst of the enemy's camp. These spies are allied to angels and are strengthened by the intercessory prayers of the saints in heaven which call down the grace of God. God's spies have access to information that is beyond the ability of the enemy to decode.


A pope resigned. A veil descended. The stated human factors for the resignation—e.g., age, health and ability—preoccupied the attention of the sons and daughters of Rome. Those factors could be seen as signs indirectly pointing to the spiritual battle at the heart of many present struggles. The spiritual battle slightly beyond the horizon of most pundits, and certainly beyond the horizon of the secular media, has only been perceived by those who have been willing to hold true to the teaching that our struggle is against principalities and dominions, the hidden powers in the world that are part of a spiritual conspiracy that has been going on since the fall of the angels and the fall of man. The truth of the Fall keeps eyes wide open to the reality behind the wars, rumours of wars and every kind of calamity that tempt man to forget that God, not man nor the devil, is in charge.


Many are concerned that a forthcoming synod on the family will become the opportunity for the enemy to storm the gates of Rome. Fear not, just as Jesus allowed Himself to be crushed by evil, God's strategy that resulted in the destruction of Satan's hold on man and Jesus' resurrection, so a wound has opened in the side of the Church and those who would exploit her wounded body—by attempting to rape her by imposing their various agendas—will be drawn into an embrace that will result in their destruction. A destruction not by physical force; a destruction worked by truth unmasking their sin.

The Pope belongs to Jesus.

Some assume that Pope Francis is their pope. They believe he represents the possibility of change, i.e., that he can change the doctrine of the Church. Jesus might have something to say about those assumptions.

Some popes have been incompetent, a few quite badly behaved, some timid, some superbly equipped for the Office of Peter and among those some have been outstanding models of holiness.

No pope has ever taught heresy. A meddling empress once thought that if she could get her man in office that he would change the teaching of the Church to fit her heresy. Once in office, however, the former quisling thwarted her plans and defended the orthodox Faith.
When Pope Silverius refused (Empress) Theodora's demand that he remove the anathema of Pope Agapetus I from Patriarch Anthimus, she sent Belisarius instructions to find a pretext to remove Silverius. When this was accomplished, Pope Vigilius was appointed in his stead. [source]
Empress Theodora sought to win (Vigilius) (a papal representative or apocrisiary at Constantinople) as a confederate to revenge the deposition of the Monophysite Patriarch Anthimus I of Constantinople by Pope Agapetus and also to gain aid for her efforts (on) behalf of the Monophysites. Vigilius is said to have agreed to the plans of the intriguing empress who promised him the Papal See and a large sum of money (700 pounds of gold).
Empress Theodora soon learned that she had been deceived. After Vigilius had attained the object of his ambition and been made pope, he maintained the same position as his predecessor against the Monophysites and the deposed Anthimus. [source]
The demon has tried before to use secular leaders to force the Holy See into error and has always failed. Peter is protected by the Holy Spirit. So promises Christ.
When the Pope (1) intends to teach (2) by virtue of his supreme authority (3) on a matter of faith and morals (4) to the whole Church, he is protected by the Holy Spirit from error. His teaching act is therefore called "infallible" and the teaching which he articulates is termed "irreformable" which means it can never be changed because it is certainly true.—Jeffrey A. Mirus, Ph.D.
The Pope belongs to Jesus Christ. Let no one forget that.

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