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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Saint Andrew's Cathedral Parish to sponsor Syrian refugee family.

It was announced this past Sunday at the conclusion of Mass that the Cathedral parish of Saint Andrews, Victoria, BC, will be sponsoring a Christian family from Syria. Organizers are promoting a goal of $60,000 CAD to support a family of four or five members. The initial funds will aid in the acquisition of housing and provide for medical and other start-up costs. Organizers will also assist the family's wage-earner's integration into the workforce and the children's integration into local schools. There are two local Catholic elementary schools and one regional high school in the Capital Regional District.

The initiative has the approval of the rector and is consonant with the direction set by the CCCB (link below).
While the world's attention is fix(at)ed on the surge of economic refugees in Europe, the plight of hundreds of thousands of Catholic Christians and other persecuted Christians in the Middle East has been practically ignored in the mainstream media.

In a thorough and concise presentation at the conclusion of Mass, a spokeswoman from Respect Life Ministry, a Cathedral ministry that provides aid and comfort to expectant single moms, gave a forthright assessment of the forces contributing to the brutal persecution of Christians in the Middle East. Christians, truth be told, face multiple threats in a region dominated by various Islamic factions.

Catholic service agencies in the Middle East have been providing assistance to Christian, Yazidi and Muslim refugees for many decades. The Catholic Church has provided care and assistance to the same in the midst of the latest conflagration in Syria. Please consider offering a donation to Catholic charities!

Contact Respect Life Ministry to donate: 250-812-0087
Contact Saint Andrew's Cathedral to donate: click here.

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