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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Badly behaved LGBTQ Association ordered to apologize to Dr. Paul Cameron

LifeSiteNews reports:
TORUŃ, Poland, July 14, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – On July 1, the District Court in Toruń ordered the LGBTQ Association and three of its members to apologize to American psychologist Paul Cameron. Dr. Cameron, who specializes in research on homosexuals and holds a Ph.D. in psychology, filed a defamation case against the group in September 2014.
Cameron has been an object of gay intimidation and even violence multiple times. As he told LifeSiteNews, "they have come to my home at night, killed a daughter's pet, threatened my children and my wife, and splashed what they claimed was HIV-contaminated blood on me, spit on me by HIV-infected gays, and called me names by the trainload."
From Ordo Iuris:
The District Court ordered the LGBT Association and its members to publish apologies on the Association's website and to send a letter of regret to the presidents of Polish universities, apologizing for the unjustified injury to Paul Cameron’s good name and academic reputation.
Despite the campaigns against the scientist led by the LGBT movement and its allies, publications of Dr. Cameron are included in renowned magazines with the highest citation rates (impact factor) such as Adolescence, Journal of Biosocial Science (Cambridge University), and the Journal of American Medical Association. The studies of Paul Cameron that prove development problems and violence experienced by children raised in homosexual households are quoted in U.S. Court of Appeals decision from 2004 (Lofton v. Secretary of the Department Of Children & Family). Statistical research by Cameron showing higher rates of violence in homosexual relationships were cited in the report of the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics (“Sexual orientation and victimization”).—Ordo Iuris.

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