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Friday, June 5, 2015

Standing ovation for Cardinal Burke. Andre Samson = cue the crickets.

h/t Catholic Intelligence blog and Vox Cantoris

Vox comments [click HERE for article]:
Raymond Cardinal Burke was given a standing ovation yesterday in Canada's House of Commons following the daily Question Period at Ottawa. Cardinal Burke is in Ottawa for an address this evening.

On the eve of his attendance, Ottawa Catholic priest and professor at the University of Ottawa has roundly and severely come out against the very presence of the Cardinal in Canada's capital city. 
As reported at the Catholic Intelligence Agency blog, Andre Samson, the former Pastor of St. Margaret Mary Parish, said in an Email read out on CBC Radio Canada that “As a gay [man] and as a priest of the Archdiocese of Ottawa (Call from the Archbishop in 3, 2, 1...), I am upset at the visit of this person. I particularly blame those who invited him, the CCO Movement, Catholic Christian Outreach —who seek to provoke and to distance themselves from the current pope (Only a seriously confused individual driven by envy could 1) attempt to divide a faithful group from their pope, and 2) make such a moronic statement about CCO—see commentary below). The resistance towards Pope Francis has regrouped itself around this operetta Cardinal who likes to disguise himself as a drag queen (Seriously, Fr. Samson, that's the best you can do? You don't like Cardinal Burke's liturgical fashion sense. That's more than just a bit catty, don't ya think? Some men can wear the cappa magna. Others, such as Samson, can only wish they could be that masculine and urbane). I know well today’s youth because I’ve taught at the University of Ottawa for the last sixteen years. I can affirm that Burke will have more success at Mado [CIA Note: a drag queen bar] than with the university students that CCO looks to convert (Clearly, Fr. Head-up-his-in-sand has chosen to ignore the increasing number of conversions God has been working through CCO missionaries)."
Sweet words, eh, from such a... cultured academic pretending to be a priest. Can you say 'someone woke up on the wrong side of life'?

Father Samson's comments demonstrate that he is, among other undesirable places to be, completely out of touch with the movement of the Holy Spirit among faithful young Catholics, those many college students who are at the vanguard of the pro life movement, for example, and young Catholics in the CCO movement (who, by the way, do excellent work in the Diocese of Victoria and on the University of Victoria campus!) who could hardly be accused of being anti-Francis.

The CCO missionaries with whom I am well acquainted, members of the Victoria/UVic team, are professional, knowledgeable and deferential to the pastoral authority of our chaplain. They live very frugal lives whilst enthusiastically serving Christ and His Church. They are immersed in the communities in which they are planted, giving witness to Christ, inviting students of every background to Mass, conducting many different kinds of outreach projects—e.g., hosting bible studies, assisting priests with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, leading children's catechetical programs in parishes, assisting in RCIA programs, attending daily Mass and serving as readers, hosting retreats—and leading exemplary lives faithful to the teaching of the Church. The CCO missionaries are to be commended for their work on secular campuses.

Given Father Samson's goofy criticism of CCO, it sounds like he's had a run-in with CCO. Is he, perhaps, a supporter of another campus movement that enjoys perpetuating media myths intended to spin and co-opt Pope Francis' message? Or,... is he just a relic of the distant past when petulance reigned supreme, an aging hippie who continues to rail against Holy Mother Church like a rebellious adolescent who thinks the world should revolve around his misguided sense of freedom? Perhaps Fr. Samson senses that his grip on the flock is slipping away? Are his hands greased with the oil of dissent and his imagination preoccupied with the madness of a fading generation that attempted to impose its fantasy-church on Catholics?

Sadly, many have been duped by the increasingly irrelevant dissidents of the 1970s, '80's and '90s. A few have recovered, but the hangover lingers among those who drank from the poison punch offered by the likes of Baum, De Roo and Leddy.

Catholic Intelligence reminds (Fr.) Andre Samson:
Let us hope that Fr. Samson's bishop might have a word with him regarding his uncharitable comments about Cardinal Burke. In light of Fr. Samson's previous provocations, the good Archbishop of Ottawa might also consider strongly reprimanding this wayward priest to ensure Samson's voice is not mistaken for that of a Catholic priest.


  1. The amazing thing is that CCO wasn't the group that invited Cardinal Burke. It was NET, which does work in middle and high schools! A confused priest in many ways. The main opponent to CCO on university of ottawa parish is the weird nearby St Joseph's parish. Vox has more on them

    1. Thanks CI for the clarification! We have a former NET-ter in seminary studying for the priesthood. Good for them (NET) for having invited Cardinal Burke!


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