So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter (2 Thess. 2:15). Guard what has been entrusted to you. Avoid the godless chatter and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge, for by professing it some have missed the mark as regards faith (1 Tim. 6:21-22).

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Prairie Fired: Coren tossed.


Fading Smile

LifeSiteNews (LSN) reports that Michael Coren has been fired from the Prairie Messenger (PM) newspaper. LSN also makes a good case for PM to clean its house.
June 2, 2015 ( -- It appears that the ‘Catholic’ Prairie Messenger has reluctantly been compelled to turf ex-Catholic Michael Coren just days after it vigorously defended a piece in which he openly advocated for abortion in the case of rape.
In his May 20 piece titled "Seamless garment," (obviously an attempt to employ and/or appropriate Cardinal Bernardin's abuse prone philosophy) Coren — who recently left the Catholic Church to join the Anglican Church of Canada over Catholic teaching on homosexuality — had written that the 10-year-old Paraguayan girl who seized international headlines last month should be legally allowed to abort her baby since she became pregnant by rape.
While for any serious Catholic it’s clear that a pro-abortion piece has no place whatsoever in a newspaper supposedly dedicated to “reflect upon [...] political and social processes in the light of the Gospel and of the teachings of the church,” staff at the Prairie Messenger actually defended publishing Coren’s article, telling me last week that Catholic readers have “much to gain by listening to the voices of others.”

In fact, spokesperson Maureen Weber went as far as saying that Catholics live in a “diverse society” where “nothing is black and white.”
Yikes! It appears that at least some if not all of the staff at the PM have been well schooled in that abominable creed called relativism. As far as this blogger is concerned, said newspaper stopped being readable some decades ago.

The PM fit in nicely when the entire Church in Canada—well, perhaps with the exception of the Archdiocese of Vancouver—lay wasted in a 'Spirit of Vatican II' stupor and Canadian Catholics (versus Catholic Canadians... yes, there is a difference) embraced the philosophical sewage of the 1970s in an attempt to fill the pews of empty parish churches.

Perhaps it is high time that good Catholic prairie folk scrape the buffalo chips from beneath their boots lest they continue to track Messenger dung into their parishes.


Coren probably deserves a good crowning. That is, a (metaphorical) smack upside the head to wake him up before he further imperils his soul.

As mentioned previously in these digital pages, Coren would have to jettison his Catholic "baggage" in order to fit in with his new Anglican buddies.
Coren will likely have to leave his residual Catholicism behind if he hopes to fit in. Given his rejection of Catholic teaching on human sexuality, he'll probably fit into his comfy new Anglican pew quite nicely.—CS, May 11th.
If Mr. Coren hopes to find solace in his new Anglican home, does he have any other choice but to severe his tenuous connection to orthodoxy and embrace relativism like so many other drab thinkers of this day and age? Most likely.—ibid.
Coren's rejection of Catholicism is a work in progress. That is, if by progress one means a digression or rapidly accelerating descent deeper into heresy.

It seems that, having rid himself of the burden of Catholic teaching on human sexuality, marriage and the family, Coren has now shed that inconvenient pro-life heart, if he ever possessed such a heart in the first place. Coren, himself, has called into question his former philosophical allegiances.


Given his zeal for change and the rapidity with which he is changing his tune, his past statements and writings now resemble a mere veneer that trained eyes in the blogosphere had previously exposed as such, a veneer Michael Coren wore in order to keep himself employed in Catholic circles. Alas, now that the veneer is gone, his true colours are shining through. 

It would have been one thing for a man to embrace a religion that involves true sacrifice, i.e., a loss of worldly prestige and lifestyle, such as in the case of John Henry Cardinal Newman who left the state religion, Anglicanism, to embrace Catholicism. Newman's leap of faith was, from a worldly perspective, a very bad career move. By contrast, Coren has traded the Truth for a world of... worldliness.

Newman has been beatified. What of Coren—vilified? Coren has upset a lot of people by misrepresenting himself while in the employ of Catholic organizations and from profiting from his former identity. A charlatan has few friends.

In some ways, we are all charlatans. Perhaps it is more accurate to say we all have our moments of disingenuous behaviour. An examination of conscience and regular confession helps us avoid falling into the trap of thinking that we are immune from self deception and deceiving others (God, spouse, family, business partners, co-workers) and acting as if we can live a double life without consequences. It is no fun whatsoever when that idol of deception comes crashing down.

Son of Thundra? The amber light of zealotry.

Coren's new Anglican cohort should be more than a little amazed at the speed of the shift in his conformity to mainstream protestant ideology that just so happens to perfectly resemble secular philosophy. Coren acts and speaks with the zeal of a convert. A convert to various relativistic ideologies, mind you. If he hasn't already, perhaps some day he will wake up, revisit his well known published biography, and realize there is a trend to his behaviour, a trend that points to the current quality of his character.

If Coren is a type of the modern man, will he move beyond the loose confines of Anglicanism, pursue his adventure with conformity to the world to its logical conclusion and end up a nihilist? Modern history is full of depressing nihilists who, having followed a course Coren appears to be trotting, have nothing better to do than claim how happy they are having shed their former fantasies and who blindly and boldly walk into oblivion with their zippers down and shorts hanging out.

"Q", as in queer,... odd, daffy, kooky... .

The Q budget must really be hurting these days.

Will the upcoming show be another opportunity for Coren to demonstrate his conversion to all things politically correct? Stay tuned.

Once he has completely sanitized himself of any Catholic trace elements, perhaps one of Canada's drive-by media organizations will hire him?

Parting Gesture

A passage from Saint Luke's Gospel comes to mind, a passage that seems entirely appropriate for Michael, given our Prairie Messenger context:
Jesus said to him, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.”—St. Luke 9:62
Pray for Michael Coren and his family.

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