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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Name Calling: the new Anglicans

Well, it had to happen. Given the struggles over the past few decades, the question was 'when' not 'if. Well, that question has been answered. A global majority of Anglicans have decided to pack their bags and form a new collective.

The large Anglican communities of Africa are taking it to the streets, or at least away from Canterbury and the Church of England, and are joining up with ACNA (Anglican Church in North America) and the Anglican Province of South America.

Formed out of the GAFCON experience, prelates representing some 40 million of the Anglican block who have become disillusioned at the direction taken by the CofE, the Anglican Church of Canada (ACoC) and the Episcopal Church (ECUSA or TEC), and a few other acronymic Anglican bodies, the new grouping or communion still needs a name.

For starters:
  1. The New Anglican Communion or Novus Communionis Anglicanae (NAC/NCA)
  2. The Methodist Church... er, wait,... that's already in use. Never mind.
  3. Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (already in use; a strong contender)
  4. Not involving CofE Anglicans (NiCEA)
  5. Anglicans of the New Covenant (ANC, not to be confused with the African National Congress)
  6. Anglicans Not Anglican'ts (ANA)
  7. The Via Media Crew Reborn (VMCR)
  8. The Global Anglican Church of the Reform (GACR)
  9. We're not that other bunch of Anglicans (WNTOBOA)
  10. The Anglican Church (you figure it out) (TAC-YFIO)
  11. The One Truer Anglican Church (OTAC)
  12. The Apostolic Anglican Church (AAC, not to be confused with the American Anglican Council)
  13. Anglicans of the Realignment... and yes, we'll adjust the wheels on your car. (AOTR)
  14. Oh my gosh... do we need yet another Anglican body? (OMGDWNYAAB)
Get the fuller blurb on the recent Anglican developments at the following links:
Two words for those seeking authentic Anglican heritage and spirituality in communion with the Church founded by Jesus Christ: Anglican Ordinariate.
Pray for our Anglican brothers and sisters. Through their current struggles, may God lead them closer to Jesus Christ and His Church.

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