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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lionheart vs "The Fixer"

The Lionheart (Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone) goes up against PR guy Sam "The Fixer" Singer. For those who do not know,
Mr. Singer is nationally known for handling some of most significant public affairs and crisis communications issues of the day. His clients include Fortune 500 companies and well-regarded corporations, including Chevron, San Francisco 49ers, Lennar, Stanford University, Levi Strauss & Co., The Gap, Visa International, MBIA, Ford Motor Co., Hack Reactor, AirBnb, the State of Nevada, City of San Bruno, the Anschutz Entertainment Group., San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, Bay Area Rapid Transit District, Transbay Joint Powers Authority, and other prominent corporations, non-profits, political issues and candidates.—Singer Associates, Inc.
A Tweet (Feb. 13) and Google+ post by Singer attempt to suggest Catholics in San Francisco do not share Archbishop Cordileone's commitment to the Faith. No surprise there. Though, Mr. Singer appears to have little else than the complaints of a few vocal dissenters to fuel his war against the Archdiocese. That said, one should not underestimate Mr. Singer's ability to fuel opposition to the Archdiocese's plans by making a mountain out of the proverbial molehill. And—Mr. Singer should not over estimate his chance of success in a campaign against God's faithful.

So, who is paying Mr. Singer to wage his media campaign against the Archdiocese? Dissenting Catholics? Hostile media types? Hostile progressivists? All of the above? Follow the money; find the suspects.

CNA reports:
Singer told the newspaper SF Weekly that “concerned parents” are paying for his services in their dispute with Archbishop Cordileone.
Singer Associates clients include the San Francisco Examiner and the San Francisco Chronicle. Both newspapers have been highly critical of the San Francisco archdiocese’s Catholic schools.
Those "concerned parents" must be somewhat flush with cash to be able to afford someone of Singer's reputation. Regarding the money trail, given that Mr. Singer has divulged one of his funding sources to the SF Weekly but not to his media clients, could one infer from that limited disclosure that Singer Associates, Inc. is not on the payroll of SF Weekly? Just askin'.
The Archdiocese of San Francisco on Feb. 3 announced that explanations of Catholic teaching would be added to the faculty and staff handbooks for its four high schools. It also proposed new morals clauses for teacher contracts that would define teachers as having a ministerial role. The archdiocese said the changes to the handbook and teacher contract did not contain anything new but were intended to “clarify existing expectations that Catholic teachers in their professional and public lives uphold Catholic teaching.”

Archbishop Cordileone said the changes focused on sexual morality and religious practice because confusion is prevalent about the Church’s stance on these issues. (Which is to say that far too many Catholics do not know—or care—what the Church teaches.)
A Catholic Archbishop who wants Catholic school teachers to uphold Catholic teaching. So what's the problem? Is the problem that a few noisy misguided souls don't want Catholics to be faithful Catholics?

FYI Mr. Singer and dissenting individuals: Archbishop Cordileone is a faithful man of God, and God defends His own.

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