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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A job too-well done? Pray for Cardinal Pell and his team.

His Eminence George Cardinal Pell, as readers might recall, called out those who were actively engaged in manipulating the Synod process last year.
Cardinal Pell: You must stop manipulating this synod—Aleteia.
Cardinal Pell oversees the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy (VSE). Cardinal Pell has been tasked with cleaning up the financial dealings of the Vatican.

Cardinal Pell has, by all accounts, been very effective in cleaning house. Naturally, some folk in the Vatican bureaucracy (perhaps the very ones responsible for contributing to the problem?) appear to be upset. In Vati-leaks 2.0, attempts are being made to discredit Cardinal Pell, in essence, for a job too-well done.

According to the Catholic Herald (VSE rejects overspending claims), allegations against the VSE and Cardinal that appeared in an Italian magazine are apparently without foundation:
A spokesperson for the Secretariat for the Economy said: “Reports of a discussion between the Holy Father and Cardinal Pell about expenditure by the secretariat are completely false – there has been no discussion between the Holy Father and Cardinal Pell about such matters. Claims of a conversation are a complete fiction.—Catholic Herald.
Allegations against the Cardinal have been dismissed by Vatican spokesman Fr. Frederico Lombardi who, commenting on the tactics employed against the Cardinal and the Secretariat, said
“The article makes direct personal attacks that should be considered undignified and petty. And it is untrue that the Secretariat for the Economy is not carrying on its work with continuity and efficacy. In confirmation of this, the secretariat is expected in the next few months to publish the financial statements for 2014 and the estimated budgets for 2015 for all of the entities of the Holy See, including the secretariat itself.”—Catholic Herald.
Quo vadis Roma?

The attack on Cardinal Pell and a few other significant developments might be construed to indicate an attempt to clear a space for an agenda that is nothing less that heretical, an agenda proposed by self declared promoters of mercy who have little respect it seems for the teaching of Christ regarding marriage and the family.
  1. Cardinal McCarrick alluded to being lobbied during the last papal conclave which elected Pope Francis.—Road to Rome/Villanova University.
  2. Attempts were made by senior Vatican officials to foist a heretical position on the Synod on Marriage and the Family. The attempt by Cardinals Forte, Kasper, and Baldisseri and a few others to marginalize the orthodox position was thwarted by Cardinals Pell, Müller, Burke, Napier and the vast majority of clergy present.—Rorate Cæli.
  3. "Allegations have surfaced this week that the lead organizer of the Vatican’s controversial Synod on the Family in October personally intervened to block the distribution of a book distributed by high-ranking cardinals, including Cardinal Raymond Burke, that defended the Church’s teachings on marriage."—LifeSiteNews.
  4. False accusations have been made against Pell and the VSE.
Damian Thompson commenting at The Spectator caps his recent analysis of attempts to discredit Pell with a slight peppering of his well known and slightly acerbic wit:
Cardinal Pell is not only sorting out the Vatican’s finances at an extraordinary pace; he’s also upsetting all the right people – sleek monsignori who exchange back-handers and morsels of poisonous gossip as they eye up the pudding trolley (...). If this is the best they can do, George Pell can rest easy.
After consolidating accounts previously spread between different offices, Cardinal Pell and the VSE found $1.5 billion worth of assets. Undaunted by unjust attacks from anonymous accusers and the media, Pell and team are making a positive contribution to the reform.

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