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Friday, February 6, 2015

NPU: Nineveh Plain Protection Units

ISIS or IS, the Islamic State, is killing Christians, Yazidis and anyone else who opposes their agenda of 'convert to Islam or die'. Countless women and children have been raped, enslaved or killed. Islamic State is commandeering Christian buildings and blowing up churches. Islamic State is plundering the archaeological heritage of the Iraqi people.

Let us be to the point – To make Restore Nineveh Now work, to safeguard existing Assyrian and Yezidi lands and to take back what ISIS has plundered, we must build a native defence force. This force, called the Nineveh Plain Protection Units (NPU), will be composed mainly of Assyrians who have already volunteered to fight ISIS. Thanks to the work of the Assyrian Democratic Movement in Iraq, this force is already being organized, trained and equipped.
Restore Nineveh Now is calling on the US and the international community to immediately support the Assyrian Democratic Movement as it expands the strength and size of the NPU, deploying it throughout the towns and villages still under Assyrian and Yezidi control. Restore Nineveh Now is also calling on all Assyrians worldwide to help fund the training, arming and deploying of the NPU.
But to grow the NPU to the size and strength needed to take on ISIS, we need everyone’s help. We need your social media help; we need your political muscle; and we need your financial backing. ISIS is not going to be defeated and the Nineveh Plain Province established through mere words or demonstrations.
Catholic Herald article:
Pray for the just defence of the innocent!

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