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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Breaking News | Charter Rights: not in BC.

According to a CFAX Radio report this morning, the Supreme Court of BC, hearing a case involving the University of Victoria Pro Life group YPY, or Youth Protecting Youth, versus the University of Victoria Students' Society (UVSS), has found in favour of the UVSS.

The case in question involved the UVSS and the University which together have, for the moment, quashed freedom of expression on campus. Apparently, the BC Supreme Court, mirroring a decision in Ontario cited by the BCCLA lawyer representing the pro life club, believes that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not apply at the University of Victoria.

It does not take a jihadi terrorist to threaten civil liberties in Canada.

What message does the Supreme Court decision send? If you are pro life, you are only welcome on campus if you keep your mouth shut and embrace the murder of unborn children.

In light of the Court's decision, the BC Civil Liberties Association lawyer representing YPY intimated that the battle for freedom of expression may likely proceed to the Supreme Court of Canada. According to the BCCLA lawyer, a similar case in Alberta went the opposite direction. Apparently, too, had the dispute arisen on a college campus and not a university campus, the decision might have gone the opposite direction and favoured the Charter rights of pro life students. According to the BCCLA lawyer, colleges are subject to a different rationale in BC.

BC — Beyond Canada?

Canada has to decide if Charter Rights apply everywhere and to everyone, and whether or not freedom of expression may be limited by public institutions for reasons which, in this instant, seem arbitrary and impinge on people's legitimate right to freedom of expression.

CFAX story HERE:

Stay tuned.

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