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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Archbishop Cordileone appoints Grand Inquisitor... sort of.

Well, actually, the great Archbishop of San Francisco is establishing a new office called the Archdiocesan Office of Catholic Identity Assessment.

Wait for it!... Just wait. The muddlers media will jump on this in 3, 2, 1... .

We should not be surprised if some misguided individual launches a media campaign that attacks Archbishop Cordileone and uses every kind of ad hominem slur in an attempt to undermine his authority and to halt the implementation of the new office. You can bet, too, if an attack is launched, the so-called "progressives" will use emotionally charged labels such as 'inquisition' to fire up others who are prone to thinking in terms of revisionist clichés and hyperbole, i.e., that any plan which aims to promote and preserve Catholic identity is tantamount to big bad Rome burning heretics.

Anyone got a match?

Seriously, though. The Archbishop is only doing what really needs to be done. If there is opposition, the 'Lion Heart' is not likely to back down.

Catholic institutions need to promote the Faith and protect themselves from litigious individuals who, claiming discrimination where parishes and dioceses have terminated their employ for attempting to impose their immoral behaviour on Catholics, would suck a diocese dry of cash if they could. Money, by the way, that would go to students and families living in poverty were it not being used to defend schools from meritless lawsuits. The next time we hear about someone suing a diocese for wrongful termination, keep in mind the character of the one who is incurring the costs that rob students and families of support. Keep in mind the motives of individuals who feel entitled to have their alternative lifestyles blessed by the Church and will stop at nothing to have that sense of entitlement financially compensated.

With all due diligence, Church institutions must determine who is suitable for employment prior to hiring someone for a position in a church-run educational institution, hospital, relief service, etc. We've allowed far too many dissenting Catholics and anti-Catholic non-Catholics to hold positions of influence in our institutions. We've watched our schools be undermined from within while doing precious little to protect children from teachers who attempt to impose a worldly agenda on them and their parents. Thankfully, courts are protecting religious institutions from reckless attacks by misguided individuals.

Kudos to Archbishop Cordileone for creating an office that will bolster the faith of young people and families and encourage deeper commitment to Christ and His Church. Pay attention to the pillars of the plan.

[Strange, eh, that we should be celebrating a bishop who is merely doing what is right? I.e., promoting the Catholic Faith. That said, credit is due where credit is due. Archbishop Cordileone's creative and engaging plan merits duplication in every diocese! If we only had more bishops like His Grace!]

May other bishops catch on and create new structures that guide the formation of young people, the posterity of the Church.

Read the full article by Valerie Schmalz: CLICK HERE

Edited for length.
New focus on Catholic identity in high schoolsDecember 10th, 2014
By Valerie Schmalz, Catholic San Francisco.
Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone is creating a new Office of Catholic Identity Assessment for Catholic high schools starting Jan. 1 (Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God!) – an initiative that may be the first in the country.

The office will be led by 
(Dr.) Melanie Morey, who has spent the 20 years since she received her doctorate in education from Harvard writing, teaching, and working to more effectively address issues related to Catholic institutional life, culture, and identity.

“How do we create an excellent Catholic culture in our time? In our archdiocese?” asked (Dr.) Morey.

“Right now, the archbishop wants to focus on the high schools,” said 
 (Dr.) Morey. “They are a tremendously important set of institutions in the life of the church. They are educating the future of the church: young men and women who are coming to know better what being Catholic means and what it means for their own lives.”
Certainly Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of San Francisco are committed to being Catholic and trying to find ways to support and sustain their unique Catholic identity, (Dr.) Morey said (A positive, affirming statement of the good things going on that can be built upon.). Being able to do that over time however, requires that the schools get better at measuring Catholic identity and managing it, a process that can be summed up in one word – assessment. (Quality = orthodoxy.)(Dr.) Morey said the new office will focus on two main areas: assessment and formation.

The assessment component will concentrate on three priorities at Catholic high schools:

  1. Catholic content: Across the disciplines, in classrooms, in sports, music, drama, art.
  2. Catholic witness: “There has to be a significant number of Catholic faculty in the schools who integrate the faith in their own lives and are willing to talk about it with their students (adult catechesis),” (Dr.) Morey said.
  3. Catholic practices: An essential and intricate network of small acts or behaviors that remind students again and again of the Catholic faith.
(Dr.) Morey will work with a board of still-to-be-appointed Catholic academics and education experts (Faithful Catholic allies are important to the success of the mission to subvert dissent!) to develop more particularized criteria related to the Western Catholic Education Association standards and principles of Catholic identity (orthodox content). These more specific expectations will guide teams of Catholic school teachers and administrators fielded by the Office of Catholic Identity Assessment who will visit each school every three years(Dr.) Morey said. (Follow up/verification/quality maintenance.)
The second focus of the Office of Catholic Identity Assessment will be formation for faculty and administrators. It will sponsor in-service days during the academic school year and summer immersion seminars for faculty, (Dr.) Morey said. (Ongoing professional development.)

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  1. Boy, could Victoria ever do with an office like that! Island Catholic Schools fall short on all three of those priorities.


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