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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Publication of Manual of Latin Liturgical Hymns in Arabic

LPJ/Nov. 12, 2015

From the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem website:
JERUSALEM – The Liturgical Commission of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem published this summer a new edition of a Manual of Latin Rite Liturgical Hymns in Arabic. The book is now in use among many Arab-speaking parishes in Palestine, in Israel, in Jordan and in the USA.

(T)he book is composed of 700 pages, classifying the 565 hymns corresponding to the different stages in the life of the Church, according to the different times of the liturgical year. In the beginning it contains the Ordinary of the Latin Rite Mass in Arabic, as well as a selection of prayers and popular devotions.

Hymns are either composed at a local level, or translated from foreign languages, or else inspired from impressive Lebanese Maronite traditions.

In his introduction, His Beatitude Patriarch Fouad Twal wrote:
“... A chanted prayer drives the Dogma and the Word of God deeper in the hearts of the faithful, and encourages them to lead a Christian life. That is why we hope that this book will help to strengthen Faith. We sing what we believe in; we believe in what we pray."
“It is not enough that the melody be impressive or the words be eloquent, but it matters that the music corresponds to the word, that the word corresponds to the religious reality, in order to reflect the beauty of God and the coherence of the Revelation.”
The Commission will soon publish the same Manual in smaller format (without melodies). A booklet that will hold more prayers and devotions, but will be sold at an affordable price.

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