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Friday, August 22, 2014

Miller-Young convicted of battery, grand theft from a person and vandalism :: sentenced

The headline at The Daily Caller reads:
UCSB’s Mireille Miller-Young Sentenced To Three Years Probation For Stealing From And Attacking Pro-Lifers
Noozhawk reports:
(T)he group of young women (pro-life protestors) set up in the free speech zone with their posters that day and were having productive discussions until Miller-Young appeared and began to incite students.
"Tear down the sign" was repeated many times by Miller-Young and other students, creating a mob like atmosphere, (Joan Short, sister of the victim) said.
Thrin Short (the young woman assaulted by Miller-Young) also spoke, and said that though Miller-Young issued an apology to the court, "she should issue an apology to her students."
Cathryn Short said that the apology said nothing about grabbing or scratching her daughter, and encouraged the court to enact community service with a group that thinks differently than Miller-Young, in an effort to think "beyond the squabbles of the like-minded in the faculty lounge."
Mireille Miller-Young, feminist professor at University of California (Santa Barbara), has been held to account for her violent behaviour. It is important to the cause of freedom of speech and freedom of conscience and religion that universities and legislatures be forums wherein ideas are freely and responsibly exchanged without fear of reprisal.
Prosecutor Ron Zonen said that Miller-Young didn't seize the signs because they were offensive, but because they expressed a message she didn't agree with. "She embarrassed herself, the university… she set a poor example for her students," he said.
We can only hope that Miller-Young will come to understand that there is a correlation between the acts of violence she advocated and committed and the subject matter she teaches.
(Judge) Hill ultimately sentenced Miller-Young to serve her community service in conflict-resolution workshops run by the Quaker Church, 10 hours of anger management and $493 in restitution to the Shorts, which was paid in court Friday.

The fact that Mireille Miller-Young, a pro-abortion advocate, was pregnant at the time she assaulted Thrin Short affirms the destructive confusion advocated by radical feminists. That a pregnant woman who promotes "reproductive choice" has attempted to justify her violence* toward another woman defending the lives of unborn children while she is carrying her unborn child tends to confirm that reason has been aborted along with the innumerable babies and their mothers who have been killed or seriously harmed as a result of societies embracing the tenets of radical feminist ideology. If there is to be any hope for unborn babies, the sick and the elderly, the disabled, the mentally challenged, the homeless and the marginalized, then societies must excise the cancer of radical feminist ideology and other violent ideologies that promote euthanasia and the destruction of the weak and innocent. The sooner societies embrace the Gospel of Life, the sooner all people will be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve as human beings endowed with inalienable rights by our Creator.

* There seems to be little doubt that Miller-Young attempted to mitigate the severity of her conviction by issuing a plea of no-contest, an apology (a weak confession that avoided acceptance of full responsibility for her actions), and by breaking into tears—crocodile tears?—at the sentencing hearing.

Isn't it high time that the feminists grow up and be real women? Human beings, that is, possessing a unique genius who are equal to but different from men. Women who are complementary to and not antagonistic toward men. If you have a moment, visit the following site for a little reassurance that the times they are a changin': Women Against Feminism: CLICK HERE.***Warning***some images are blunt and to the point and may contain coarse language***

WomenAgainstFeminism Image | Click on image to enlarge.
Note - this woman and her husband have seven kids!

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