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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Building Better Babies

A controversial technique known as cytoplasmic transfer, developed some 15 years ago and used to produce some 30 IVF  "three-parent" children worldwide, is the foundational technological inspiration for the latest attacks on human beings.
Medical dilemma of 'three-parent babies': Fertility clinic investigates health of teenagers it helped to be conceived through controversial IVF techniqueThe Independent, Tuesday August 26, 2014.

A private fertility clinic in the United States has launched an investigation into the health of 17 teenagers who were born as a result of a controversial IVF technique that produced the world’s first “three-parent” embryos more than 15 years ago, The Independent can reveal.

The technique – which the US government halted in 2002 – involved mixing the eggs of two women so that the resulting IVF babies inherited genetic material from three individuals in a similar process to that planned in Britain for women carrying maternally inherited mitochondrial disorders.

About 30 IVF babies worldwide are believed to have been born (with countless embryos likely destroyed) by the technique, known as “cytoplasmic transfer”, including 17 infants at the Saint Barnabas Medical Centre in New Jersey who, until now, have not been checked for any long-term health problems resulting from the technique.

The British government has said it intends to introduce legislation to allow donor eggs to be used as a way of ensuring that women with mitochondrial defects do not pass on the mutations to their children. However, like cytoplasmic transfer, it will result in IVF babies with genetic material from three people – the woman who donated the egg and the child’s two biological parents. (Ahh, Britain! A people that once fought against an evil regime that promoted the evolution of man by eliminating what they held to be weakness now embraces with zeal so much of what the mad Führer could only dream about.)
Super babies! Beyond the smokescreen of "improved health" is an attempt by the next generation of eugenicists to cull the herd by eliminating "imperfections". Getting rid of disease—sure, a great idea. Reengineering humans and IVF? Not a fan. IVF produces extra embryos that are destroyed or repurposed for medical experimentation. In brief, human life is cheapened, made disposable by destructive technologies.

Should certain people get their agenda enacted, it's only a matter of time that the human designers demand we proceed to larger or more profound corrections that will "improve" the human race and make for a better world. Sure, better for the genetically enhanced who will, undoubtedly, have all the power over the weak, infirmed and the elderly. How much longer until governments decide that natural conception is too risky and leads to unnecessary medical conditions that amount to a financial burden on society? How much longer until the day arrives when unaltered human beings are seen as the disease? Shades of Gattaca, the movie?

In the words of Captain James Tiberius Kirk...

Memory Alpha: Wrath of Khan

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