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Saturday, July 26, 2014

UPDATE: Pugnacious Pro-Abortion Professor Pleads 'No Contest'

Pugnacious Pro-Abortion Professor: UPDATE

Mireille Miller-Young
Image: Santa Barbara Independent
UCSB Professor Pleads No Contest in Theft, Battery Case 
Updated 2:30 p.m., July 24, 2014
A UCSB Feminist Studies professor accused of stealing and destroying an anti-abortion (ahem... pro-life) activist's poster — and pushing and scratching the activist in the process — pleaded no contest Thursday morning to three misdemeanor charges.

Dr. Mireille Miller-Young had originally pleaded not guilty to grand theft, vandalism, and battery. She hasn't been required to attend any of her court hearings and was again absent on Thursday. She's represented by defense attorney Catherine Swysen, who has declined repeated requests for comment.

Miller-Young will be sentenced on August 14 and will likely be ordered by Judge Brian Hill to pay a fine and restitution, perform community service, and attend anger management counseling. While her charges do carry the possibility of jail time, prosecutor Ron Zonen said he “would be surprised if [Hill] sentenced her to jail.” Miller-Young remains employed by UCSB.
CLICK HERE for the full article.
Thrin Short, the young woman assaulted by Professor Miller-Young, and the Life Legal Defense Foundation are considering a lawsuit against the City of Santa Barbara to compel the city to amend its "bubble ordinance" that restricts free speech near the entrances of abortion mills. Given a recent Supreme Court ruling striking down similar buffer zones in Massachusetts, the prospect of winning such a lawsuit is highly likely. Massachusetts, in yet another attempt to restrict freedom of speech, has passed a revised law that is not likely to stand up to judicial scrutiny.

Kudos to Thrin Short, the brave young pro-life warrior who was assaulted for standing up for the innocent unborn and for standing up to Mireille Miller-Young, a violent pro-abortion feminist bully who, hopefully, will benefit from court mandated anger management counselling. May Miss Short's fortitude inspire many other young pro-life activists to defend our weakest citizens.

And, kudos to Katie Short, mother of Thrin, for raising a daughter with a clear sense of morality and purpose.
“Today’s plea brings us one step closer to seeing justice done in this case. ... Pro-life advocates should not be subjected to intimidation and violence for lawfully exercising their right to free speech, and we are happy to see that Ms. Miller-Young is being held accountable for her actions.”—Katie Short. SBI.
For thou dost bless the righteous, O Lord;
thou dost cover him with favor as with a shield.—Psalm 5:12.

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