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Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Amice | Helmet of Salvation

At the visit with Bishop Peter Elliott a few weeks ago, His Excellency commented that wherever he says Mass he suggests a copy of the vesting prayers should be made available in the vestry. Taking Bishop Elliot's suggestion as inspiration to produce and post the prayers, here presented are a few resources intended for the edification of priests, sacristans and lay folk.

Today's focus: the amice.

Dear Presbyters and Bishops, have you considered wearing the amice?

In this day and age when the Holy See is training many additional exorcists, and priests are acknowledging a rise in requests for minor and major exorcisms, perhaps it might be a good idea to don the amice and pray for protection in your sacred ministry, a vocation that puts you on the front lines between the forces of good and evil. Every soldier needs a helmet! Every spiritual warrior needs a spiritual helmet.

Lord, we beseech Thee, protect Thy priests!

The amice is that rectangular piece of cloth with ties/strings that go around the waist and are tied at the sternum. A little background blurb from the Catholic Encyclopedia:
A short linen cloth, square or oblong in shape and, like the other sacerdotal vestments, needing to be blessed before use. 
The purpose of this vestment, which is the first to be put on by the priest in vesting for the Mass, is to cover the shoulders, and originally also the head, of the wearer.
The amice should cover the collar.
The priest kisses the amice, then passes it over his head before putting it across his shoulders and tying it around the waist: 
The prayer accompanying the donning of the amice (Ephesians 6:17):
Impone, Domine, capiti meo galeam salutis, ad expugnandos diabolicos incursus.

Place upon me, O Lord, the helmet of salvation, that I may overcome the assaults of the devil.
Purchase an amice:
Make an amice, or ask one of those amazing ladies in the Catholic Women's League to make you one.

Vesting Prayers: washing of hands; amice; alb; cincture; (maniple); stole; chasuble.

Note to sacristans: be sure to lay out the vestments neatly in reverse order, last to first, one on top of the other.

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